Looking Great at 78

Its raining in New York today. I am going to  meet my friend Jenny for some tea and take some photos of her for Vogue Japan . In the mean time, enjoy these photos of Lynn Dell right before her 78th birthday this month. I promise to get some great new material soon and please email me at Advancedstyleinfo@gmail.com, I love to hear from you!

  • Lynn looks amazing in all white! LOVE the fur!

  • Absolutely fabulous!

  • Fantastic 78. An absolute inspiration.

  • Happy Birthday Lynn. You look terrific!

  • really great;)

  • I'm really and truly in love with your blog. Each image is so full of life 🙂 Look at her, she's gorgeous!

  • I really like your blog!
    Usually I get really sick of fashion blogs, but you're a genius. I'm having a hard time with the young, pretty, fancy fashion girls exposing themselves and their coolness. This is a billion times cooler and I think you're doing a fantastic job!
    So, keep up the good work.
    Lots of love, Sally

  • If you look in the dictionery under zestful, you will find that photo.

  • I love everything about this woman. Especially her body language. Such joy!

  • Mim

    Snowy garb! Snowy and birdy . . .

  • Must be all that curiously cool and age-defying winter white she's wearing… how fab!

  • Snow Queen! This is the most glamorous Winter outfit I ever did see! But how to keep your whites white as new fallen snow with all the mucky slush? Lynn – you are dazzling!

  • She looks fantastic in all this white!

  • Sue

    Wow. She looks incredible!

  • Love it! I recently inherited a very similar hat.

  • Awesome!!!