Lunch With Ilona

It is Snowy here in New York so Ilona and I hopped in a taxi to meet or wonderful friend Lori Goldstein for lunch. I hope you enjoy the ride and remember to keep up with me on twitter AriSethCohen .

  • Pearls of wisdom from Ms. Ilona. And thank you Seth. You are a fine and patient escort.

  • great post..looked like fun!!

  • Anonymous

    What a fabulous person Ilona is. Thanks for bringing her to my
    attention as well as all the other
    wonderful people you have highlighted here.

  • You meet the most wonderful people on your blog!!! Bless!
    Thanks for visiting my humble blog,Ari!You're a doll,and I LOVE your blog!

  • FUN!!!


    Love, L

  • You have great ladies around you 🙂

  • Fantastic the two of you.I wish I could meet you all for luch one they…Fingers crossed…
    Dreams are made of energy that becomes reality.
    Mil besos siempre.

  • A friend of mine told me she once met an older woman who dyed her hair red and wore faux lashes that she hand made out of her own hair. I wonder if this is her?

  • You're a peach and this blog is the whole pie! In other words: I really love this blog; thanks and please continue the great work!