A Pair Of Good Gloves

One of my favorite things about looking through my grandma’s drawers as a kid was sorting through her old gloves. Gloves can make a statement by adding a hint of color,elegance, and fun to an outfit.Check out the ladies above. What is your favorite pair?

  • I must say I love the nude-coloured gloves with the orange two-piece suit.

  • These shots are stunning…great post!!!

  • hard to tell. but I love the third pic up from the bottome. the whole outfit is great. quite unusual, even amongst the generally a bit unusual outfits from this post!

  • Love them all! My favorite would be the orange with the charcoal gray. The lady with the straw boated could also have pulled off a pair of lemon yellow gloves. Sooo, let's talk about hats.

  • ORANGE!!!! but lavender's nice too.

  • Ari Seth Cohen,
    You and your blog rock.

  • I love them all.
    They are fantastic.

  • My vote goes to the last image. Layering raincoats and gloves is brilliant! Without veering off into kookiness, she has managed at once to be stylish, trendy, age-appropriate, and best of all, artfully humorous.

  • Being originally from the Pacific Northwest, my own style would be the lady with the mismatched fingerless gloves!

  • I love the last one too! She looks like someone I would like to know.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ari! I will be back. Very cool stuff here.

  • Love the fingerless gloves, and the layered ones.

  • Emmie

    I love gloves, but I don't get to wear them in FL like I did when I lived in NY! These are wonderful pictures…

  • Oh, the orange jobbies, sans doute!
    Wonderful post, though. All the ladies, and all the gloves, are swell.

  • This post reminds me that I really need to get a new pair of gloves. I've given up on my current pair and just stick my hands in my pockets. Meanwhile, that first lady is giving a class in hand modeling that I didn't even know I signed up for. Stunning.

  • Gloves are so classic and add a touch of retro. I love!!!

  • Mmm,those orange gloves. Mmm, mmm… mmm!

  • I simply can't choose just one fave pair….eepmaybe the nude ones,or the deep,deep purple ones…

  • so beautiful 🙂 i'm a new follower!

  • Hi, Ari. Your blog is great. I've been here before and stuck this in my reader.
    Dropped by today to thank you for your comment on a recent post of mine.

    Very cool, what you're doing, sir.
    And thanks for the post to/from Philip regarding bullying.

    Thanks, Ari.

  • I just discovered your blog and I love it. There's just something about that style of classy, elder women, that us younger girls can't achieve yet…

  • I wore gloves from the time I was 20 until Michael Jackson started wearing that one hideous glove; now I knit my own fingerless gloves, but I really want to get back to wearing my vintage cloth ones! Thanks for this post!

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  • From the top…. re: gloves:
    I love number one and seven!:)
    Great blog!