A Smart Coat

I saw this guy waiting for a Taxi in front of The Plaza hotel and I asked him if I could take his photo. He told me that I had taken his photo once up near Madison  and that he would pose for a second before his taxi arrived. He looked quite smart in his beige trench and rain boots. Check out some other cold weather options below.

And The Ladies!
 [Photo by Hanneli Mustaparta]
  • Love the guy with the wellyboots and the first lady. They are my pic. But all of them fantastic.

  • What a lovely post!! Everyone of them looks awsome!! 😀

  • brilliant! love this post. all of these people look so great!

    xo, camilla & valerie

  • This is so funny…we had our first cold snap in San Antonio this week…more than two days in the 30s (don't laugh)…at the Tuesday basketball game, there were several of the dads in long coats. My son quipped, "well I guess this is the only day dads can wear there coats and justify the purchase!" They look so nice on any gentleman!

  • b

    I find it so interesting that in a city as large as NYC you would have repeat subjects for pictures. It is a small world after all.