Stilettos At 88

I met Elaine at an art fair in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, and she told me that at 88, her job is to have fun. Elaine’s friends told me that she was wearing her “walking heels” and that she usually wears 6 or 7 inch stilettos. My mom and I are heading back to New York tomorrow where we will team up and photo hunt together. Hope everyone is having a great start to  2011.

  • Good for you Elaine! I almost expired on NYE wearing my 6 inch stilletos. I clearly need to toughen up!

    Good luck photo hunting with your ma…

  • What a great color!! Love how she combines the diffrent shades 😀

  • Fantastic lady in blue and stilettos.

  • Happy New Year Ari! It's been fun getting to know you here and via Twitter! I can barely wear kitten heals and I'm not even 40. Work it out Elaine!!!

  • Those heels are awesome. It is amazing how the shows look timeless.

  • Elaine is wearing my present colors. Though I'm not wearing many high heels these days.

  • How nice to see someone wearing stilettos at an advanced age. There is hope! I'm keeping all mine- well into old age. 🙂
    Elaine has on the most gorgeous shades of turquoise. Love seeing that! Makes me miss those frequent trips to FL.
    Safe travels!

  • stillettos at 88! I think 3 inches is a bit much at 56!

  • If you think I won't roll an 88 year old woman for a pair of green snake skin court shoes you have another think coming. Those are my dream shoes!

  • Those heels are bananas! I wish we had a video of Elaine teaching us younger women how to walk in them. Absolutely wonderful! I am very impressed with her skill and endurance (like the commenter above I am under half her age and can barely manage a kitten heel!)!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I have trouble wearing 2 inch heels! That is one tough, stylish lady.