Advanced Style Around The World

The other day Advanced Style was featured in one of Vienna’s largest newspapers derStandard. My photos, including a great cover shot of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas are displayed throughout the issue . Jean, Valerie, Lina and I got together for brunch to catch up and look at their wonderful faces on the newspaper cover. Its great to see older ladies with great style getting the attention they deserve.
On another note Valerie broke her right wrist, but she doesn’t let that stop her from looking as stylish as always. In the video below she shows how you can even add some style to your cast, proving that style really can be healing. If you are in need of a stylish cane and other helpful products check out this great company OMHU .

  • Loving Valerie's necklace!

  • Beautiful beautiful women. HOW cool to make fashion splashes around the world.

  • They aso fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I enjoy the post a lot Ari.
    Missing u.

  • Awesome fashion feature! Well done Ari and muses!

  • I so love this blog!. Its so gorgeous!

  • Rebecca

    I am so happy to see that Ari and the fabulous Idiosyncratic Fashionistas are getting the accolades they deserve!

  • Agnes

    I really love your blog, Ari, and I'm reading it on a regular basis for quite some time now – but seeing Advanced Style featured in "der Standard" was a really nice surprise! And, by the way, the newspaper isn't only popular in Vienna, but also in the rest of the country…

    Lots of love from Austria (where elderly people could learn a lesson or two from the fabulous people on here)!

  • OMG, these two are so cute. You know they have tons of fun!

  • Anonymous

    Valerie there are some tips about broken wrist on You Tube video comments.
    take care.

  • MLB

    Thanks for shering it!
    Love your blog!
    Hope w meet in NY!

  • Anonymous

    OMG–everyone is going to want a broken wrist if we can wear Marilyn on it. Great idea!

  • renee

    *runs through blog, snatches grey hat, runs out* I love Advanced Style! <3