Alice Carey For Vogue Japan and Advanced Style

Writer, Alice Carey is another one of the fantastic women I shot for a jewelry series on . Here are some out takes from the original shoot, showing off some more of her wonderful jackets and jewels. I asked Alice  the following questions about aging and style:
1. How old are you? What are your concerns with your appearance as you get older. What is your attitude towards aging?
2.How do you take care of your skin, keep it looking healthy. Are you worried about wrinkles and aging skin?3. How do you keep your hair looking healthy. Do you color your hair? What is your thoughts on gray hair?
4.How has your style changed as you have gotten older. Do you feel more free to experiment with style. How do you get out of a style rut?
5.Any advice you would give to others who are concerned with aging…
6.Anything else you ‘d like to add?
Read her answers below:
1. I am in my early 60’S. Provided I stay looking good (and I work on it) I have no concerns about aging other than I hope I won’t become an old crone.
2. I am a CLAIRINS girl and have been for a long time. It is the best. However, when I’m in Ireland or England I find BOOTS face creams very good. Wrinkles are always a concern, but CLAIRINS seems to keep them in check. I use olive oil soap always.
3. Being Irish I began to go white in my early 20’s and I have been hennaing my hair since then. My husband and I do it every 6 or 7 weeks because my hair grows out fast and one can see the white. Several years ago, I wanted to see what I looked like au natural and I let my hair grow out so my stylist could cut all the colored hair off. Suddenly, I was marvelously white and looked like David Bowie. However, it wasn’t me and I continue to henna my hair.To keep my hair shiny I use Indian oil made from almonds and olives I buy in Middle Eastern stores.

4. I change my style all the time. However, as I grow older I heed Geoffrey Beene’s advice of wearing a uniform. My winter uniform being how you saw me in the street. My summer uniform black chinos from Marks & Spencer and as expensive a white shirt I can get my hands on. Thrift stores are good for this. I also live in cashmere sweaters, preferably vintage, and linen shifts for summer. I do not follow fashion trends and think women silly who do.
5. For god’s sake don’t sweat it. Moisturize as often as you can. Remember ‘life is just a bowl of cherries. Don’t take it serious, life’s too mysterious.”Also, red lipstick, always red lipstick!
6.Anything else…a good haircut several times a year. I do 5 or 6. Hair dye. Red lipstick. Face cream, face cream face cream – I do CLAIRINS and a F-you attitude to dowdy’ness. I look the way you saw me at 9 in the morning when all I’m doing is getting the paper and coffee. Fie on women in sneakers and sweats!
Fashion influences: Duchess of Windsor, Nan Kempner & Pat Buckley for frowzy, lavish formal / dress up stuff.Audrey Hepburn for informal such as my wearing all summer ‘uniform’ of tight black chinos (Marks & Spencer) and great men’s shirt from (say) Thomas Pink.
CLICK HERE to check out Alice’s book I’ll Know It When I See It: A Daughter’s Search for Home in Ireland on Amazon and enjoy her style wisdom in THIS past post.

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous!! You make "early 60's" a beautiful place to be. Thanks from your "late 40's" friend.

  • She is such a present…Thank you Ari.

  • What a lovely lady!! 🙂
    She makes me smile, and her style is awsome! 😀

  • "Fie on women in sneakers and sweats!" YES!!!

  • I'm in love with this lady! She is fabulous!

  • i love this:
    "a F-you attitude to dowdy’ness. I look the way you saw me at 9 in the morning when all I’m doing is getting the paper and coffee. Fie on women in sneakers and sweats!"

  • Evalyn

    Love, love, love her jewelry AND her attitude.

  • Can't stop smiling since reading this, she is great! Love her style and her personality!

  • Rebecca

    I love her attitude and sass. She glorifies the concept of individual style. I totally agree with her statement "Fie on women in sneakers and sweats"!!

  • Ari-you're fabulous! Thanks for blogging about these women with style! I'd never know about them otherwise!

    Alice Carey is a gem! Love her unique style and look-and her hair!

  • WOW, you have a lot of style!!!
    I follow you

  • I adore her carrot orange hair!! adore it!

  • Rebecca

    Question, where does Alice Carey get her pins? Are they all vintage? They look fabulous.

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    The lady has shown us that style is all about our personality…a personal brand of sorts. Better yet she has hit it spot on! Thank you.


  • thanks

  • stela alves
  • This woman's style is fun — barbara

  • barbara

    Such an inspiring and interesting lady with an unusual look, love it!!!
    The combo of tweeds and jewellry never fails.

  • amazing ari!! congrats on vogue japan. i love her shoes and flair.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair is spectacular, and she has the good fortune of lovely bone structure (I envy!) and radiant skin (again, this Sicilian envies). Her style is unexpected (knickers!) and playful. Alice is a joy.

  • Anonymous

    Please ask about her boots. They look some comfortable and cool at the same time.

  • Thank you for introducing us to Alice. I immediately ordered her book and I LOVE it! I recommend it to everyone!

  • A couple days ago a friend and I were having breakfast in the West Village when a very striking, fiery-haired lady walked in and struck up a conversation with acquaintances. We overheard her say that someone was doing a piece on her personal style and all they had to do was Google "Alice Carey" to find it. This lady looked so fabulous that I had to look for the article. Thanks for sharing.

  • Q.

    what a cutie. love her man style.

  • Anonymous

    So many women my age (40s) are so afraid to wear what makes them happy, so afraid of not being appropriate. Looking for approval to wear certain clothes. Meanwhile, these women, our mothers' ages and older, are stepping out in bold styles and bright colors. I'm so very inspired and I hope everyone else is too.

  • What happened to the video of Alice at an outdoor cafe talking about her menswear? I started watching it just yesterday, but didn't get to finish. She is such an inspiration–my new hero!