Legendary Songwriter Ervin Drake and His Beautiful Wife Edith

The other day I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet legendary songwriter Ervin Drake and his beautiful wife Edith. We both attended a wonderful show at Town Hall  where they sat hand in hand. The next day I met the beautiful couple at The National Arts Club where I had the chance to photograph them and ask them a few questions on video. At 89 and 91 they are full of life and humor. Edith told me that the most important thing is that they feel good and stay active.They come into Manhattan about four times a week for cultural events and Edith runs her own boutique in Great Neck, New York.Ervin wrote  some  of my favorite songs including “It Was a Very Good year” and “Good Morning Heartache” which you can enjoy below. 
  • Ann

    Oh Edith is still so stylish…
    Love her outfit and a gorgeous pair of shoes that complements it. And did you see her neckpiece? So awesome.

  • Great couple!!
    Next time I'll come to NY, I see everything in new eyes 🙂 -thanks to you!

  • When I was 17 is one of my favourite songs of all time. YOu made my day by introducing me to the composer.
    Aren´t they fantasticcccccccccccc.

  • Ari, thank you so very much for sharing two National Treasures with us. I love, love, love her suit trimmed in leopard and her little leopard peep-toe pumps.

    Married in 1975 after 'living in sin?' Oh that's a quote to remember! Married at ages 54 and 56—just goes to prove that it truly is never too late!

    Thank you again. You're doing beautiful work.

  • A beautiful inspiring couple. BUT, I so appreciate your style, Ari. These articles and people are so priceless and gutsy and modern. Please, never stop.

  • I really love the point of your blog, taking photos with senior's great style, that's amazing.

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  • I love this song "Good morning Heartache", so I am happy now to know who wrote the song 🙂

  • she's such an amazing lady!!i must to tell u-i have found out for your blog today and i am so happy,cause it's absolutely fantastic!!!so original,but u already know that!;) i'm following u,on google & bloglovin!:)

  • Edith is so beautiful, they're such a wonderful couple…what a nice blog you have. :))

  • 89 and 91! Wauw, and still so lively!

  • Amazing couple! Anyone at the age of 89 and still wearing high heels is aces in my book! Love your blog Ari, you should take a vacation to Beverly Hills and shoot pics of the stylish older women on our coast some time!

  • Go on…make may day, again. Love it. Thanks so much.

  • As I begin to age I think she would be a good fashion roll model. Interesting blog. Like it!