Iris Apfel: “Price Has Nothing To Do With Style”

I finally had the chance to meet the extraordinary Iris Apfel. Her approach to style is legendary in her incorporation of high and low,ethnic and vintage with contemporary trends, and idiosyncratic brand of humor.She is a true style icon who continues to inspire others to express themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. Iris told me that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be stylish, it is all in how you put things together. She is proof that putting an outfit together can be just as artful as painting a portrait. I hope you enjoy these two small clips and hopefully we will see more of Iris on Advanced Style.
  • Exquisite woman! What an amazing chance to have met her. Rare bird really corrupted my mind into the delusion of having my own museum exhibit! lol!

  • Thank you for sharing Iris Apel style and wisdom with us. I couldn´t agree more: : Style has nothing to do with money.
    Mil besos.
    The blog is sooooooooooooooooo fantastic. Love the big photos Ari.

  • Anonymous

    She's fabulous – one of my style heroines! There's a great book about her – Iris Apfel – The Rare Bird of Fashion

  • I love this blog & what you are doing. And it keeps getting better & better.

  • Love this blog & what u are doing & it keeps getting better & better.

    And thanks

  • Mim

    Marvelous and wry!

  • She's a star – and so right about style, money and bikinis!

  • yep, i learned about her after reading Lynn Yaeger's Garb Fest in T. She is an amazing woman.

  • ari, you must be the envy of many: you met the fabulous iris!
    i know she wears a lot of color, but i love seeing how she wears black!
    and i love her wit. 🙂

  • just discovered your blog i absolutely love what you're doing!
    I feel very inspired, thank you.

  • She says it all.

  • What a fabulous character! Brilliant witty stuff.

  • OMG.
    (I never use that…but…OMG!!!)
    I cannot believe you met her. One of my top style icons!
    Wow. Super impressed and super jealous!

  • I love her glasses! And I wonder if she has an entire collection of canes.

  • She is Super!!!!that`s the only thing i can say…i wish i coud meet her.

  • Man I wish it was me who got to meet her

  • Ari, you are so lucky to have met Iris! I have adored her from the first moment I saw a photo of her and her style is jaw-droppingly awesome.

  • Señor, this has truly made my day! Munchas gracias.

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  • I'm enthusiastic with Iris Apfel, love her style and I'm glad you could met her!
    she's always awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I am watching the documentary, IRIS. Her opening comment was, "I like individuality. So lost these days. There so much sameness. Everything is homogenized. I hate it."