Iris Apfel in Vogue Japan for Advanced Style

The other day I had the honor of shooting Iris Apfel for a series of photos I have been doing for Vogue Japan. Click Here to see the slide show which features seven of my favorite stylish ladies and enjoy the videos below! I am doing one more series of photos, featuring jewelry trends of the Advanced Style set, so if you can recommend anyone let me know.

Here is another great video of Iris!

  • Pleased for your FAVOURITE ladies…Iris is such an example and a true beauty: chic and style grows, and mature like good wine.
    Mil besos Ari.

  • The last video is a Must…I am sharing your post on facebook and tweeter…FANTASTIC.

  • I love her!

  • She's exquisite. Her book corrupted my mind, I want my own exhibit one day!

  • cool pics

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  • She rocks. YOU rock and the combo makes me unbelievably happy. Proof that style wins over everything- and the best show of style are from people who lived a full life.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • She is absolutely divine and a great inspiration to get over the fear of 'advanced age'. Being a lot closer to it than I was 🙂 I'm having some trouble reconciling myself to the loss of my 'youth' (who am I kidding? I lost that quite awhile ago!)….but seeing these fabulous women and men on your blog reminds me that LIFE is for living, not regretting!


  • I LOVE Iris' sense of personal style, especially the incredible jewelry she's accumulated over many years of international travel!

  • The last video is the one I saw at her exhibit at the PEM–it was such a great exhibit–so many fashion design students were there and EVREYONE was dressed to the nines!! It was great–I went 3 times–Paula

  • b

    I absolutely love these glasses. They are gorgeous and would be very hard to misplace!


    Recent blog on lost things:

  • Flare

    Thank You Ari! What fun! It is really encouraging to see women and men over the age of 50 still creating, still enjying life, still having F-U-N! And thank you for dreating the fun forum!

  • Anonymous

    I want her jewellery.

  • Rebecca

    Iris Apfel is one of my favorite style icons. I was fortunate enough to see her exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum and own the book about her style and life which I read often. She is truly unique and special. Please keep us posted on your involvement with Vogue Japan!

  • OMG!
    I love her:)))))
    she looks fab every time!


  • I love Iris Apfel. she's one of the biggest inspirations for my collection. And my daughter is named iris after her.



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  • yep. she's an important one.

  • Wonderfull woman, and wonderfull blog. love Pernille

  • Absolutely delightful. Many thanks for your work. Ms. Mig

  • Next to Carmen for Modeling, Iris is my absolute FAV!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for featuring her, she is awesome. Your blog is as well.

    Musing in NYC