A Marionette Maker

I met Jane some time ago at an art opening at Milk Studios. I was delighted to see her again two years later in front of The National Arts Club with one of her amazing marionettes. Jane taught herself how to make marionettes and, since 2000, has made them in the likeness of many celebrities including: Picasso, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Louis Armstrong,Doc Cheatham, Bobby Short, Bobby Pratt and Bernhardt Crystal. She has great style and spirit and I can’t wait to meet up with her again.
  • Fabulous!!!!

  • Stunning post!!!

  • Anonymous

    She is beautiful and her hair is fabulous. "Little Me" is exquisite. I'd love to see the rest of her collection and look forward to seeing more of her on your site.
    I think it's brilliant that she uses brass hands made from casts of her own hands to manipulate the marionettes. It emphasises the puppetry and serves as a unique signature for thher creations.

    — from Lindaloo

  • what a lovely presence Jane has. And what compelling work!

  • Genius concept and fabulous blog!

  • Oh! I love the mini puppet of her! The first photo is great 😀

  • The combination of the snow-white hair and heart-shaped rose-coloured glasses is just fabulous! A very talented and striking woman.

  • I couldn't help but think of Edward Albee's "Tiny Alice".

  • wonderful, but what is her name " Jane -what ?