More Proof That Gray Is The New Blonde

I have written a lot about gray hair not only because I find it extremely beautiful, but also because it happens to be one of the first visible signs of aging that men and woman become concerned with. I have talked with girls in their 20s and 30s who have just spotted their first silver strands to women in their 60s who are debating whether or not to display their “platinum elegance”. Going gray is not for everyone , but these ladies sure know how to sport their silver locks.


  • So cute, that first lady- she's one I haven't seen on your blog before!

    One thing I noticed is each of these woman looks vibrant and fresh; their natural grey hair color is surely a part of that fresh vibe. Grey hair softens the face as we grow older- like a halo.

    Grey is going to be my "new blond" one day. 🙂 No hair dye for me, I've decided.

  • silver hair has attitude ! ; this blog is very cool

  • Somthimes I fing this inspiring and somtimes depressing.

  • Dear you look so beautiful and her hair is amazing! I love these photos xx

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  • What beauties! Thank you!

  • those pictures are so beautiful! hope you have a great 2011.
    Thanks for the linky, sweetie!
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  • Oh, to have hair like that! A few months ago I had chemo, lost my hair and put my order in for it to come back silver and curly….sigh. Someone wasn't listening.

  • I think the key to looking fresh and modern with gray hair is to get a chic and slightly edgy haircut, otherwise, there is a risk of looking "little old lady." You also have to commit to wearing makeup as not to look washed out. Oh, and buy a pair of cool glasses! I have three friends my age (52) who have gone gray and they each look 10 years older for those very reasons I mention above. One friend one dyes her hair blonde, cut it in a layered lbob, wears a bright berry lipgloss and funky frames and looks so much livelier!

    I got my first gray hair on my 21st birthday and would be about 75% gray if I didn't color my hair ( dark blonde). I've considered the time and $$$ I'd save going gray, but my skin tone favors warmer rather than cooler shades. But never say never……

  • Oh yes, gray hair beautiful – but the time it takes to go from brown to gray – takes a while and for a while you have a color that I am not liking 🙂

  • Everyone's so happy! I love the gray– it's definitely the new blonde!

    Nice broach on her hat in photo No.1.

  • Simply beautiful!

  • What a gorgeous blog. How wonderful to visit New York and see the style and elegance right here in my own living room.

    Us youngens could learn a thing or two from your generous models.


  • I love this post, and am a huge fan of your blog. My style icon is my grandmother, at 86 she is super stylish, staying true to her self. The bloglayout looks great, love the changes.

    xx Anika

  • they look great! yay for embracing old age!

  • it is beautiful. i like to see grey hair older black ladies especially.

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  • Your blog is sooooo refreshing! Style is ingrained in our dna and that stays with us for life! It is not an 'age' …
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Oh, and these women are absolutely divine!xxx

  • finally something new and original.
    The ladies are lovely

  • Fantastic – these ladies are all incredibly elegant!

  • I must bookmark this page as I am currently two months into growing out my color and I'll need inspiration to keep on my journey (and not go back to dyes) in a month or so.

    Thank you!!!

  • Thanks for your blog. It makes my day!

  • b

    Ari, you keep telling me this. I love it intellectually but emotionally I am not buying!


  • I'm 38 and I've decided to grow out the gray. I hope I'll look as elegant as these women!