My Grandma

I have talked about my dear grandma Bluma many times so I wanted to share some photos I found of her while I was visiting San Diego. She is the inspiration for Advanced Style and the reason why I feel so close to older people. She always nurtured my creativity and allowed me the freedom to be artistic.We would spend hours watching cartoons and old movies together, as she clicked her heels together and told me stories of days gone by. One of my favorite treats was to look through her drawers where she stashed her old scrapbooks and photo albums. This is where I established my sense of aesthetics, even then I had a sense of nostalgia and yearning for the glamour and grace of times gone by. She was an amazing woman and not a day goes by where I don’t think of her. I hope you enjoy these photos and I would love to hear about your own wonderful grandparents or older people in your lives.
  • Anonymous

    We see your Grandmother in your eyes!

  • First thing I thought when I saw her was that you both have the same eyes. Yes, she can still see the world through yours. The best of presents…
    Thank you Ari.

  • Ari, you look like her…..

  • J'ai pris le temps de consulter ton blog en entier, et je le trouve magnifique.
    Avec tes photos, tu montres que la mode n'est pas seulement destiné aux jeunes, j'adore ton blog
    Bravo, pour toutes ces jolies photos.
    Je reviendrais

  • What a beautiful post! I enjoy reading your blog but never leave comments but this time I just have to say "Thank you"!
    Think of making a post about my grandma in my blog, I owe her so much!

  • Viktoria in Sweden

    Such a beautiful woman! And you post makes me think this is how we really, profoundly inspire and influence others: by example. What´s REAL will make an impact, whether it´s planned to or not. We should all strive to be more authentically ourselves, your ladies and gents are prime examples of that.

  • Greta idea for a blog! i like it a lot.I've added to follow it.
    In Poland, where I live, unfortunately it is unusual for older people to dress ina fashionable, sometimes extravagant way. I regret it. But I hope to dress fashionable when I retire 😉 Maybe I will move to the USA.
    Greetings from Poland!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you so much for those lovely photos of your grandmother. In my 20's I worked for the Dept. of Social Services (formerly Welfare Dept.) and had what was known as an Old Aged Caseload. I was so taken with so many of my clients who had such wonderful stories to relay and who lived with such grace and dignity on what was probably a very tight budget. I could spend hours listening to them (and did!)

  • oh, dear! I am the older person in my life. sigh

  • Thank you for sharing. She looked great. Xxxx

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  • Thank you, Ari. The photo of your grandma with her girlfriend could be a photo of my mom and her girlfriend! All the old family photos I have are from L.A. where I grew up, where my parents' families settled after leaving New York.

    I, too, feel a strong connection to times past, especially the 30s, although I was born in 1949 — tomorrow's my 62nd. The elegance and opulence of 1930s Los Angeles is in my blood, I guess, growing up in and around Hollywood.

    Thanks for the delightful post!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari,

    Living on a small farm, my grandma wasn't particularly stylish. Her wit and great sense of humor are just two reasons I can't forget about her. She had a sharp mind and a keen interest in the world around her. I loved her company and still miss her a lot.

    She had such a strength! When she fell ill, she still would come out to greet me and chat with me. No matter how much discomfort she had, she wanted to make sure that I was O. K. With sparkling eyes and a serene face, she would still carry on a nice conversation with me. She would give me a hug, business as usual, and we both knew that that was our last hug. That was the most fantastic hug I've ever had. It was a Zen-like experience which made me very happy for her. I still find it unbelievable and I am still happy for her.

    Your videos are great!


  • SarahJ

    I have a picture of my mother from about the same time period as the first picture of your grandmother. I treasure it greatly…and have no idea how to transmit it to you.

    I do enjoy your blog! It is giving me inspiration not to give up on dressing with care as I age.

  • Your grandma Bluma really deserves to be on your blog. Great to finally see her in person especially after having heard over the years what she has meant to you. She looks lovely!
    I know what you mean about thinking of her every day. I think of my wonderful grandmother Olga every day. I miss her enormously, but there is a comfort, that besides our shared memories, a part of her is actually within me, genetically speaking.
    And that is a sort of comfort.

  • Alison

    By the time I was 21 (save for one great aunt who is still here, but unfortunately several states away) my elders were gone. I was always told that I was an old soul & felt such an attraction to our senior members of our society even as a child. (My "professional" bio even states that I would like to adopt someone's grandparents!)

    I think it is great what you have done with this blog & what I've been able to get from it: a beautiful portrait of our wisest members of the tribe. Everyone you've featured has a great attitude & much to offer. I am in love with their grace & style!

  • Thanks for sharing this!
    Your blog is amazing, I love the concept behind it!

    I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate. ~Arthur Wing Pinero, The Second Mrs. Tanqueray, 1893

  • Anonymous

    Just found a blurb( I do not know the english word for it) about your blog in a french magazine "Point de Vue" very complimentary , and very well deserved.

  • What a wonderful lady your grandmother looked. I love her jump suit and her writing reminds me of my mothers. These photographs are such a treasure.

    I remember spending lots of time in my grandparents house as we lived with them for a while when I was very young. My parents, my three sisters and I along with my aunty who was an artist and had a studio in the house. I remember I used to love sitting in the cupboard under the stairs that we called the 'glory hole' looking at the beautiful ladies dresses in copies of Vogue…..there seemed to be mountains of them in there. I think some of them must have dated back to the 1940's ….I wish I still had them now….they were amazing, as were my grandparents.

    I especially remember granddad for his sense of style. He always wore a three piece suit and an overcoat and hat when he went out. I used to love looking in his dressing table drawers where he had little leather boxes with cuff links and a squirrel hair shaving brush….

  • These pictures are wonderful. Your grandmother was a sharp dresser. My father (who would be a hundred next year if he were still with us) was a sharp dresser of about the same era. I still love men's clothes. He used to have me select his tie for him every morning when I was a little girl. Do me a favor – show some more "dapper gents."

  • Wow! She's beauty

  • My grandmother was also very influential in my life. "Ode to my Grandmother" is still one of the most often read posts on my blog. I miss her every day.

    Bluma would be so proud to know of your success!

  • Je suis d'accord avec Agnes.

    This is fabulous. Older people often have a richer, more developed style.

    Brilliant blog
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  • sandra

    she's beautiful & has such a gentle spirit. I see it in her eyes. you are grandma and grandma is you. You are one.

  • Great photos of your Grandmother. The two of you were fortunate to have each other. A gift!

  • Such respect for your grandma! Wonderful to hear of such relationships. The photos were great. — barbara

  • New here and LOVED these photos! My grandmother was an artist, and I adore going back and looking at her photos and work. My aunts are in their 80s and stylish as ever, so happy to have found your blog!


  • My Grandma lived to be 102! When she died, my Mom said "Even though she was very old, I still miss how I felt when I was with her."