You Can Learn a lot From Fabulous Older Ladies

“A good pair of sunglasses is better than a face lift.” Mary (70)
“Rise Above It, it’s what one does. We’re not supposed to be happy happy happy and jumping for joy every second”

“Doesn’t time go really fast its moment by moment by moment, and you’ve got to grab it”
“I don’t know, maybe life is a fairytale”
“Grace, is what it is, you dance as you sail through life, and furthermore it heightens your living as of the moment”
“Like Piaf I have no regrets, Oh mercy you have to have the downers and the uppers to be a complete person.” Mimi Weddell

“Be a fighter, challenge yourself, when you decide to do something do it well, give all of yourself”
“If you try to imitate too much, then you look like nothing. Never compare yourself, YOU are YOU.”
”Feel beautiful inside and you will be beautiful outside.” Ilona Royce Smithkin (90)
“Don’t take your self too seriously.”
“Dress for the theatre of your life.” Lynn Dell 78.
“People need to get less stressed about fashion and get into the enjoyment of it”
“Take what is available and contour it towards what your needs are.”
Over the last two years I have learned so much about life and style from the wonderful people I have met and photographed for Advanced Style.They have taught me that it is important to embrace life’s up and downs, continue to learn and challenge myself,and take the opportunities that come my way. Above are some of my my favorite quotes from some of these fabulous women.
  • Amen to all of them.

  • Lynn is so fabulous!! I really love the dress the woman in your header wears!

  • Have you noticed that Mimi is always looking up. Angels up there perhaps?

  • A fantastic mini-anthology, Ari. I will repeat these mantras!

  • Rebecca

    Some great quotes from these fabulous ladies! They have such joie de vivre and style that we can all aspire to.

  • Miz Lynn Dell knocked me back with her black and white. Her bracelets are especially fierce! She is truly dressing for the theatre of one's life, isn't she? Love it!

  • These ladies know how to live! I only hope that I am that classy as I get closer and closer to 70.

    I especially like the comment "A pair of sunglasses is better than a facelift." Priceless!

  • great words of widsom!
    these ladies all have one thing in common: they are radiant. the reason? Ilona says it best: "Feel beautiful inside and you will be beautiful outside."

  • thank you for your blog!! it is so unique in the blogosphere…merci!!

  • Hello Ari!
    I loved you blog and I made a post about it on mine. I hope you don´t mind and hope you like my blog too.

  • Beautiful ! 🙂

    Juste Ryma

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful blog which instantly made me smile and feel like wearing hats and big jewellery. Who says you can´t be glamourous every day?

  • I love the quotes, some of the best words to live by, thank you for passing them on!

  • Mimi, i want to paint your picture x

  • I do love this blog since I think fashion is fantastic and it doesn't go away just because you are 70, as I am.
    Sometimes I wish I lived in New York where you can dress wonderfully. Is not that possible in a small, small town in Sweden. :-))
    I am having a fashion blog myself:
    Love Eva