You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

I took Ilona to an advanced screening of the Bill Cunningham documentary and on the way there she started to tell me about her eyelashes. She said,” I don’t always get them on straight, but there is beauty in imperfection.” I always have my Flip camera around to capture Ilona’s infinite wisdom and I made a small video of her explaining why you don’t have to be perfect, and how there is more beauty in imperfection. After our ride we got out of the taxi and Ilona gave me a quick dancing lesson in the rain in Times Square. For more videos of this fantastic 90 year old woman check out my new video page.

  • I so love Ilona, and you are just beyond words…

  • this is such a lovely post. thank you very much for sharing.

  • I just love your site and these friends you have just lighten my life. Thanks Ari!!!

  • This is absolutely my new favorite blog. You are awesome, your models are beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    How fabulous is this! Ilona is simply beyond adorable but you are a wonderful escort for her. What a great blog – I love it!

  • S

    This is brilliant. Love the photo. Her hat is gorgeous.

  • susanjune

    Wow, the dancing clip bought tears to my eyes. How beautiful you both are.

  • what a wonderful soft shoe! I like her point about imperfection. Zen flaws actually heighten perfection.

  • Does Ilona have a fun club? If so, where do I join? She reminds me of a butterfly and I just love her to bits.

  • just ran into your blog, and goodness what a fresh idea and take on fashion! congrats!

  • sandra

    This was one of the best interviews.
    I love reading about wabi sabi which involves the beauty of the organic. It is hard to describe but it embraces the beauty of "imperfection".I'm really loving the interviews you are doing.

  • I am enjoying reading your blog.
    In my 70's and now feel I have many beautiful years ahead.
    Never been to New York – you make me want to visit your city.

  • Ilona's ideas about perfection rang true for me today! Her words of wisdom are appreciated. Keep it coming!

  • Anonymous

    I'd like to ask something from Ilona. She mentioned that she has been truly confident only for the past ten years of her life. My question is: What was the turning point that made her more confident? Was it an event or a person that initiated the change in her attitude? Or was it simply her 80th birthday?

    I like the blog and the refreshing approach it presents towards aging. I understand what age groups Ari targets and why. However, as we inevitably age by the day aren't we all to face these issues? I mean, aging is really an ongoing process.

    As time passes the signs of aging accumulate until we reach a point when we say "I 've reached (a certain number of years) now I am old." When we retire we become officially 'old' and 'passive' members of society.

    Yet, as we reach different stages of our lives we might perceive ourselves younger or older than our actual age is. When I was in my early twenties I had a roommate who was in her early thirties. "I will never be THAT ancient.” I thought. “No living creature could be that old." There were older people around me, naturally, but they were not my roommates. I am in my forties now.

    It gives us comfort to relate to our own age group. However, aging is such a fundamental issue that any age group could benefit from the experiences revealed and shared here.


  • Suella

    Cool shoes Ari! On both of you.

    I had no idea that Ilona was so tiny.

    Congratulations to your videographer.

  • Ilona is the best and that photograph is just to die for. Thanks so much.

  • What a lovely lady! =)

  • You two are just adorable, singing and dancing in the rain. Love the spectator shoes on you Ari, very stylish!

  • you're such a great inspiration, and that words about perfection are so wise!

  • Anonymous

    ari, this photo is stunning