Advanced Style Dolls and Drawings

When I was a kid I used to make drawings and dolls of fancy ladies. I went home to San Diego not too along ago and found a book of these drawings. People ask me how I came up with the idea for Advanced Style, but if you look at the drawings below,its as if the ladies I used to draw have come to life in my photographs.

A few years ago I started to draw again. Here are some more of my latest creations

My friend Debra Rapoport has been making wonderful dolls based on the drawings!

  • Oh,It's gorgeous, gorgeous, goooorgeeeousss!
    great post…so amazing idea 🙂

  • May I ask how old you were when you made those drawings? They show an enormous creativity and enthusiasm. I also love the dolls that your friend made, it is as if your drawings came to life.

  • Ben

    I love to make drawings of clothes and stuff like that! I wish I had someone to make dolls out of them for me!

  • Anonymous

    First, those adorable child-style drawings with the wild monikers….then the modern versions made into crazy, creative dolls…such fun!

  • Just when I thought I couldn't love you and your blog more you do this! Gah, I really love how your children's drawings foresee your future :D. Too cute!

  • what a lovely post ! I love how you gave those ladies names, the names are just genius ! thank you so much for sharing !! your fan, anne

  • Who could resist a name like Mrs. Sugarbaker – Doodlebuger!! The dolls are a wonderful homage to your wonderful drawings.

    Love your stuff – childhood & adult Ari!!

  • P.S. I can't help but think (and I have marketing running-in-my-veins) what a wonderful Etsy shop you and Debra could have selling prints of your drawings and Debra's delightful, original dolls!!

  • OMG!☺☺☺☺ so funny♥

  • Carol

    The drawings and dolls are super!

  • Rose

    Your site always touches my heart and inspires me, you and all your ladies are the bees knees!

  • wonderful 🙂

    I love ms sugarbaker-doodleburger.

    how creative and fabulous. The dolls are amazing!

  • As time goes by, Ari, your ladies, your blog and your artistry become more and more beautiful. It's wonderful to see you develop such a really great platform at the same time enriching all our lives. Thank you!

  • cute as cute can be

  • I always love reading your blog, but this is the BEST POST EVER!

  • ps… just saw your fantastic video on the glamourai blog and simply love it…. Great !

  • Beautiful collaboration! And I so glad your early drawings were saved. They are wonderful.

  • Debra, the dolls are spectacular!! Ari, this is your destiny, isn't it! Amazing! xxoo Patty

  • Well this blog is certainly brim full of ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY and most importantly – life giving and uplifting.
    Keep it up all of you!

  • Beautiful and creative drawings and dolls! Sublime!

  • Anonymous

    I love how as a kid you dreamed up the dolls and later as an adult you made them come to life. It's as magical as in foreseeing the future. Or perhaps you possess a magic wand, your camera coupled with your talent, and as you take the pictures your dolls come to life. It's fantastic.

    How proud your grandma would be of you seeing your art!
    I can't translate all the names of your dolls but they sure sound like fun!
    Maria, Hungary

  • you were such a creative kid. love the names!

  • Anonymous

    so much fun watching you all have so much fun!!

  • Anonymous

    You are ALL so fabulous! What a wonderful life you've created for yourself Ari, and that you share it with us is such a gift.

    Thank you forever, for having this passion and sharing it. I can't think of anything more fun!

    The best to you and all the wonderful ladies.


  • That is a riot, Ari! I love love love the dolls. Too much fun.

  • Ari–I love the names you gave to your childhood drawings. Keep up the "grown-up" drawings. Debra's steel wool doll is my hands-down favorite!

  • I am profoundly moved and rendered speechless by the beauty here.

  • What a fabulous post! Love your curiously quirky and colourful style – S.

  • lyrebirdgully

    Ari, you are a born fashion designer/stylist! when are we going to see those incredible designs of yours on a real person?!!!

  • very special indeed ! I find it difficult to throw stuff away, your post is a great argument for never getting rid of anything !!

  • sandra

    Law of attraction.
    One of those babies should be your logo.
    Thanks so much for sharing. They are darlng.

  • This is definitely the best post ever. I want to change my name to Mrs. Sugerbaker-Doodleburger.

  • Ari, thank you for sharing these with us. The dolls are fabulous, as is Debra's hair colour(s)!

  • Anonymous

    The dolls are very Paul Klee style

  • Your blog is always an absolute delight. As I was browsing through some of your older posts I was very entertained and amazed at this post.
    We do grow up to be who we were meant to be. Our historires tell on us sometimes long before we are aware of our paths.

  • Anonymous

    You made me look after "older" ladies that look absolutely adorable.
    I´m so grateful.