Advanced Style Film for NOWNESS

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on
Here is the complete Advanced Style short film for . I hope you enjoy these fabulous ladies as much as Lina and I do!

  • Such a joy to watch!!!!! Thank you 🙂

  • I have tears of pride and joy in my soul.
    Love you all.

  • ♥Absolutely fabulous♥
    "..young women you gonna be old woman someday.." LOVE IT!!

  • What a beautiful video depicting absolutely stunning women. They are such an inspiration! Thank you.

  • Aaaaariiiii, I love this film, very very inspiring ! Thank you 🙂 will share this with m FB friends.

  • i love everything about this. thank you.


  • Anonymous

    Love it, such fabulous women.

  • Ben

    I love this blog. Found it thrugh Nowness. I'm now following!

  • Joy.
    Thank you.

  • A great display of spirit Ari! I'll post it to my FB page. Congratulations!

  • What a beautiful way to illustrate the spirit of strong, creative women. Congratulations Ari!

  • this women are so full of grace and beauty. and cant wait to get there… 🙂 and i really like your blog. each time i am looking at it i just simply have to smile. thank you for that.

  • I love this! I found it truly inspiring. I just found you via the nowness via manrepeller, and I love your blog! I also reposted your video on my blog because it just had such an impact on me. Thanks for making such great work and sharing all this beauty with us!

  • Ari, your blog is a highlight of each day for me. But this video…is like a prayer!

  • I simply adore these stylish ladies, such an inspiration. And because of your wonderful blog, I started paying attention to stylish elderly ladies around me. They are everywhere! 🙂