Victoria MacKenzie-Childs:A Colorful Hair Option

I met artist, Victoria MacKenzie-Childs, on my way uptown for some shooting.I was immediately drawn to her gorgeous rainbow hued locks and even more inspired by her wonderful story. CLICK HERE to visit her website
  • And to think, I was only considering a couple of deep purple highlights! I love her!

  • So daring…I had that type of hair many years ago, but it is so grand that she still dares.
    Thank you so much for this monday present.

  • Oh i totally love this lady! I my self is a pink and white head( has been for more than 6 years now), and this woman inspires me to keep doing the pink thing forever!
    Wow, to be a rainbowhead! What a dream!
    Thanks for for a nice blog, i visit you here all the time!

  • When I was 18 I met a woman with silver hair and pink and green manic-panic strands.I told myself that when I grow and gray up I'll do the same. I'm 33 y/o now, silvering. In 5-6 years I'll finally be able to do it.
    Your blog is brilliant – thank you so much for sharing all that chic and beauty with the rest of the world.

  • Amazing story, and this lady looks great; still coquettish and very young.

  • O my gosh, what a great woman. She has a fantastic spirit about her! Thank you so much for finding the amazing people and sharing them with us. It is important, what you are doing. It really is.
    Peace~ Dawn

  • I love this woman's hair! I smiled 'out loud' as I watched the video. Very delightful and creative!

  • Om my gosh! I LOVE her rainbow locks! What a lovely lady – I would want to start a conversation with her and maybe have a cuppa!

  • Love this! Have been wanting to do something other than the typical pink stripe, and this is by far the best I have seen!

  • She is so beautiful! What is her name?

  • she is so charming! i can see that the rainbow hair suits her fun personality.

  • I love her spunk!

  • I love her spirit!

  • Okay, this is even better than "I shall wear purple."

  • What a great story! It's so preposterous that it has to be true!

  • sandy

    Courageous Self Expression and it fits her beautifully. Do your thing! Love it.

  • This lady is so charming, by the time I listened to her for a couple of minutes, her rainbow locks made perfect sense! It's her "job" to make people happy. How wonderful. Love her! Thank you, Ari.

  • Very cool. And she's sweet – so excited to be engaged with like this. Adorbs!

  • ♥♥♥GREAT♥♥♥

  • Anonymous

    That is the very talented Victoria MacKenzie-Childs who designs the most colorful, joyful housewares, ceramics, pillows and furniture. Her website is:

  • Unique, colorful, fun, – and easy to spot!:)

  • very challenging 😉

  • I think your blog highlights the fact that today's 50+ women aren't the postvictorian "grannies" of our childhoods. Some of these women are the progenitors of punk! (Sid Vicious would be 55 now…)

    As a teenager I looked to these NY women for sharp style, to see what comes next… thanks to your blog, I still do.

  • Too weird for me

  • Love that her husband does her hair for her!!!