Dress To Impress Yourself

One of best lessons I have learned from the ladies I photograph is to dress for myself, rather than trying to impress others. There is a freedom that accompanies not having to worry about impressing other people. Here’s a style tip from a young man with an old soul, Dress to Impress Yourself! I hope you enjoy Marilyn Sokol’s inspired words. She is a wonderful lady with a great spirit.

  • Oh my! This was fabulous! Absolutely fabulous. She said almost the exact same thing in her interview that I was feeling in my post yesterday! wow … Thank you!

  • Oh my, I'm in LOVE with Marilyn – what an absolute beauty she is!! I aim to dress to please myself and no-one else – not men or other women. Marilyn practices what she preaches and she is one glorious woman!!! xoxo

  • Admirable lady!
    Thank you for finding all these stunning people and sharing with us, your blog is so inspiring.

  • cool! wonderful idea

  • This plaid genius has to be my al time favourite outfit from Advanced Style! Although I change my mind on that a lot, because everything and everybody on here is so wonderful. Thanks so much for creating this project, it is my favourite fashion blog ever. I always get so much inspiration not only about clothes but also life from here.

  • Marilyn looks fab – great sunglasses!

  • I like the thought that I will look better than when I am 70 than I do now!


  • Yeahhhhhhhhh. That´s what a I called playing with plaid!!!

  • Rebecca

    Fabulous woman – I love the joy that emanates from Marilyn and all of your stylish finds. They demonstrate that putting yourself together to face the day is such a creative, life-enhancing and wonderful thing to do for both yourself and others lucky enough to cross your path.

  • Thank you Marilyn!

  • Karen

    I'm having a totally crap day, but seeing this post makes me feel better. Thank you!

  • I like your blog. It's encouraging, because some day I hope to have something like these lovely ladies. I made for tomorrow a post on my blog about yours. I want to be better know in Spain for older women also their mirror in the network. Thanks for your job.

  • She's a wonderful actor too. I saw her in "The Sisters Rosensweig" at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta several years ago. She was an absolute delight! Great hair. Fabulous skin. Love the shot of her in the sunglasses.

  • marilyn is absolutely beautiful, but her style (as style in general) is really all about confidence. she looks so great.

  • Anonymous

    I constantly look forward to your posts. But perhaps a quick review of what you're writing before your post it? Your blurbs are riddled with spelling mistakes and other errors. This might be rather incidental to some, but readers of a blog of this popularity shouldn't have to be side-tracked by so many obvious errors. Just a thought…

  • Wow! The ladies on this blog give me something to look forward to. Love them!

  • Wow! These ladies really give me something to look forward to. Love them!

  • ari

    Sorry about the spelling errors. Most of my time is spent coming up with content and finding people to photograph and I should spend more time editing. I do all of the photography and writing myself, I welcome an editor. Sorry for the distractions.

  • Awe-inspiring lady.
    She looks so stylish.Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

  • She is SO. BEAUTIFUL. It's a cliche, but "inside and out."

  • I just love her hair. And that first profile picture is fantastic.

  • woah she's amazing !

  • Hi Ari,
    My name's Nancy and I'm 6. I love cute older people and think your pictures are great. i loved this movie!

  • I love her!!!
    And now I miss NYC like crazy

  • Ari, you are a genius. You have tapped into a secret heart's desire for many older ladies (and maybe gentlemen, too). It might have started with the verse, When I Am Old I Shall…. Nevermind the spelling or grammatical errors, keep up the creative juices.

  • LOVE her!!! 🙂

  • I love Marilyn for her part in Foul Play. Wonderful to see her blooming and having fun.

  • I love Marilyn for her part in Foul Play. Wonderful to see her blooming and having fun.

  • It is my first visit at your blog and this was the best message so far: to dress to impress myself. I am a huge fan of several kinds of freedom and love the idea of a such freedom and the way it is expressed in the post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Shadae Oshea

    I absolutely love the picture of her in the plaid outfit. I would love to have it poster sized with the words: No matter what… Be Yourself! I teach 11-14 year old children and I try to convey that message every day to them.

  • Marilyn is just beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for a great post. 🙂