Exclusive Trailer:ADVANCED STYLE/NOWNESS Short Film

Lina Plioplyte and I have been working on an Advanced Style short, which will debut on NOWNESS.com Wednesday, March 23rd 12:01AM EST. We are excited to bring the blog to life and hope you enjoy this short trailer in preparation for Wednesday’s debut!

  • The trailer won't load, Ari.

  • ari

    Oh no. It loads for me I checked with some friends and it worked too. Maybe its the media player you have, but no worries the full film will be on NOWNESS tomorrow! yay

  • It worked alright for me – very exciting, I'm looking forward to the NOWNESS debut!

  • pmg

    I swear the "Greatest Generation" really are. First they won freedom for the entire world, then went home and every single one of them became Don Draper, and now, in the autumn of their lives, they've got sick ass apartments filled with awesome crap and make us Millennials realize what a shallow existence we live in.

    postmodern gentleman

  • short but great♥

  • Love it! Can't wait for tomorrow. Thanks Ari.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my GOD! The rings! The bracelets! TOO fabulous!!! I cannot wait! You all are a dream come true!


  • Anonymous

    They are all beautiful and it was a beautiful peice. And in a city like NYC I'm sure you can find more diversity as well from many different ethnic groups and multiracial groups.

    That video was beautifully produced. Nicely edited, good music and it captured so well the essence of your blog.
    And the ladies were FABULOUS!

  • Anonymous

    what is the music at the beginning of the trailer?