Have Fun With Style

90 year old Ilona calls it creative dressing, Debra believes style is healing, and Marliyn Sokol(above) thinks dressing up is just plain fun. Whatever your style philosophy is remember to take pleasure in dressing up. Put on something that makes you smile, wear it with confidence, and you will have a beautiful day.
  • I like today's posting and yesterday's video. Inspiring ladies !

  • Stunning!!!

  • Holy guacamole, she is gorgeous. I'd kill for that hair. Did she make the belt?

  • Anonymous

    Ari, what you do is truly amazing. Finding these wonderful ladies to enable them to share their wisdom with the rest of us. They radiant on your pictures like flowers in blooming.

    I am an avid reader of style blogs. What I see is that stylish women tend to emphasize their femininity regardless of their age. Survival of the species dictates us to show off. It's about the same old message: “Look at me.” Showing off at a certain age could be so much harder. Providing a gathering place, your blog, you make it easier for the advanced fashionistas.

    I like what some of your stars say about style. It can be fun, it has a potential to heal, and to express creativity. It helps keep these ladies strong and healthy.

    My question for you is: Don't you think that somehow, style at a certain age is still a marker for one of the strongest survival instincts we have that is to attract potential mates? Instinctively, that is why we dress for. Dressing with style is to signal: “Look at me, I am here. I am available for your visual interest. My spirit is strong. I feel good. I am having fun.” So, as the body ages and the spirit stays young the spirit becomes the main force to carry the message. And how many times it happens during a lifetime when we have our great physical strength with us and yet we let our spirit down?


  • Loving Marliyn Sokol and everything she is wearin, including her smile.
    Much love.

  • Ari — I am a country woman that buys at thrifts. Your site is fun to view especially this one about Ilona. She gives me an attitude to have in aging and creative dressing even if its from the thrift. — barbara

  • Ari, Marliyin Sokol is so gorgeous. The dress really matched her philosophy. She looks confidence, and beautiful. Adore her!

  • Me encanta su alegria , tramsmite tanto¡¡¡¡
    Bss. Isabel

  • what I love about this woman's beauty is mostly about her hair. I feel like as women we're often told to fight whatever our hair is doing naturally. Her hair is its natural color and texture and is absolutely beautiful and unique. proof that beauty is about working with rather than against your uniqueness.

  • Anonymous

    Greetings Ari and Happy Belated Birthday!

    These women are divine. As you well know. I am SO happy to have found your site. What fabulous inspiration – not only on style but on living!

    I'd love it if you'd ask these ladies the secret to wearing clip earrings. Most of the vintage are clip – particularly "statement" earrings – and after just an hour or two they pinch so badly you just want them off. I'd give anything to know how they do it.

    Perhaps a future column where they answer readers questions?

    You ALL rock!

    Thank you,

    Barbara in Seattle

  • Oh, Marilyn looks so beautiful! Glorious…
    🙂 Jade

  • I adore that belt. So chic and she definitely looks like she's having fun.

  • love that zipper-belt she's got going on.

  • These pics are amazing. Not only can you tell that for her dressing is fun, but her style is what fashion should be- beautiful self-expression. And I think she showcases nicely the old chestnut that a smile is the best acessory. Shine on, beautiful lady! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • Ari

    You are a very special man. What a wonderful work! I love it .

  • I am back in blogging, thanks also to your encouragement:) HOpe you find time to visit my blog & leave your comments too. I notice that you always leave comments from ladies who talk about style…. what about those gents out there who have so much to share about stylish male fashion?

  • she looks like an awesome lady and I totally agree with her, dressing is FUN!


  • a very cool and differente blog!!! like it!


  • Anonymous

    Wow! I left NYC many years ago, and have not seen any pictures of Marilyn Sokol for ages. I've gotta say, she's really come into her own, looks absolutely splendid, and is more attractive now than when she was younger.

  • How FABULOUS! I absolutely adore these amazing ladies. What a wonderful way of looking at it, wear something that makes you smile. Well from now on I may have to start doing that with more fervour!



  • Marilyn…you are looking fabulous!!!
    You still look like you did in your twenties, but always getting more gorgeous.
    cheers, Liza

  • Anonymous

    She has such an amazing, radiant smile. She looks like she absolutely loves life! I hope that I can look that gorgeous when I'm her age. Beautiful. Thank you for this blog.

  • i love your blog!thanks for including the occaisional man. as i move forward on life (i am 57) i am ecouraged and inspired by the people you present.you are a very special young man yourself .

  • What a big joy of live !