Mayor Bloomberg at The Waverly Inn

Last night I had a very special dinner with Maayan, Ilona and the wonderful owner of the Waverly Inn. Ilona has lived in the West Village for over 56 years and she often gets noticed for her wonderful style and amazing eyelashes.She was delighted to dine at one of her neighborhood’s most popular haunts. While dining I noticed that Mayor Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch were just a few tables away. I got up and introduced myself and told them that they had to meet one of the Village’s most spectacular women. The gentleman were very gracious and they told me to grab a camera and bring Ilona over. I took a quick photo of this dazzling pair and we returned to our table for a night to remember.

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  • What a serendipitous evening!

    I just discovered your blog, and I think it's fantastic. It's unique and intriguing and oddly quite beautiful. Thank you for such spunky and inspiring posts. I'll be waiting with bells on for the forthcoming posts.

  • the mayor meets the queen of the west village!! j'dore!

  • You are not only a superb photographer, but a wonderful story teller.
    Thank you for sharing my dear Ari.

  • This is what I try to do in Belgium for my blog "This is Belgium" which can be found at but I guess there just are not so many celebrities around!

  • I love your blog, it rocks a lot. Keep doing this great job ! Can't wait to see your next post !
    Have a nice day

  • I think any public figure would be happy to be feature in your blog Ari. I think it's how you approach them really, and you are really great with that.


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  • Great story! Can you imagine how fabulous it would be if Ilona was Mayor of NY?

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    When the Mayor of your city is that approachable, you are living in the right place. You are a very lucky man.

    I am looking forward to the book…I am sure you will find a publisher soon.


  • Love your blog…so happy I am now! Greeting from S. CA.