Style Is Healing

One of the great things about getting older, is gaining the confidence and  freedom to dress how you want. Debra Rapoport is a great example of a woman who isn’t afraid to express herself. She doesn’t dress for other people, and she believes that style can be healing. If you wear beautiful things and live a creative life you will feel better and be more joyful. What a great recipe for the rest or our lives. Email Debra with any style related questions to .

  • i just love debra's outlook on life and her style. thanks for another post featuring this wonderful woman!

  • Always happy to see Debra! Totally gorgeous.

  • great recipe !

  • I believe I love this woman and her attitude. Wow

  • She looks great!!

  • what a lovely , whimsical, brilliant idea for a blog! will enjoy coming back…glad i found you!

  • Anonymous

    I have just discovered your blog and find it inspirational.

  • Rebecca

    Any post about Debra is wonderful. I am in awe of her style, sense of herself and up-beat attitude.

  • Well said! I completely agree with Debra that style can be healing.

  • Beautiful photo of Debra! The glasses make a statement and she always has a creative way to express herself.

  • Debra's outlook towards aging, style, and life in general is so positive and inspiring..and I love the colours she's working in her hair in the photo!

  • Healing it must be…to armor yourself with simply that…yourself.