Style Secrets From The Countess Of Glamour

At 78 Lynn Dell,The Countess of Glamour, looks and feels better than ever. Lynn is the owner of Off Broadway Boutique , a place where glamour reigns, and woman go to feel good. For over 40 years Lynn has helped dress customers of every age, every size, and every budget. Enjoy some of Lynn’s wonderful style secrets in the video below, and if you are in New York make sure to check out Off Broadway Boutique.(They have a great vintage department too)

“Don’t take your self too seriously.”

“Dress for the theatre of your life.”

“You get one chance around so go for it”
  • I want to be a Countess of Glamour!

  • Dress for yourself, and for the theatre of your life, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. isn´t just an inspiration????
    Thank you Ari for finding such a young people at heart.

  • This was a great post. I haven't heard of her before but she is so wonderful! I love her style and elegance and that she is old and graceful. The video was really interesting and actually had some good tips. The last photo is amazing.

  • Awesome awesome awesome blog!! Fashion and style from this perspective is absolutely inspiring. Thanks!

    Come visit some time please!

  • I love this and her so much! Thanks for sharing!

  • If you see her again, please ask her was she wearing the orange hat and cropped jacket from designer, Greta Wallace of Simply Greta, because it sure looks like something from her collection. Thanks.

  • She looks amazing. I love the orange jacket and her fur hat in the final photo.

  • I really love the last photo – monochromatic, with fur cap and collar. It is incredibly glamourous and she really does look like a countess!

    The Styleseer

  • She is fabulous! Love her in every shot…oh, that black & white! Gorgeous!

  • She is gorgeous, eccentric, daring. I wish I can have just a little of her personality.

  • OH! She's heavenly!!!

  • She is so lovely and glamorous!

  • Love Ms. Dell!

  • Great advice especially the hats, I love them!

  • shes so lovely =]

  • What wonderful people you share with us Ari. I love that video – ever since you
    re including videos in your blog, there is that much more jazz all round! Have a great weekend xxx

  • Shelley Lynne


  • Very inspiring! Sometimes I doubt myself and think who am I to dress up? I like her attitude of "Dressing for the theatre of life!" Can not believe she is 78! She is so vivacious! She's another one of my favorite regulars on advanced style.

  • Love your blog & the people you are sharing!

    Love Leanne Nz

  • D. Hodge

    I love this woman's flair for the fabulous. She proves that you can be loud, bold and noticed at any age.

  • That orange is a feast for the eyes!

  • it would make me very happy to know where that yellow-orange corsage came from…

  • Hi Ari.

    Could you tell us what is your stance on the use of animal furs for clothes?
    I thought that it was well and truly boycotted by the thinking person but I see some women you have featured still insist on wearing it.
    I live in a hot humid area of Australia so never see it here.
    When I am in the southern capitals of Sydney and Melbourne, fur wearing is as scarce as hen's teeth.
    If some one were to wear fur, there would comments to them and the question asked' " Why?'

  • she is so great!

  • Anonymous

    I've been looking for you! Well, actually I've been looking for a role model for style. I am approaching 60 and realized I am tired of never attempting a little glamour and personal style of my own. A few weeks ago for the first time I wore red lipstick and loved it. I'm hoping to wear more silk especially in pants. I'm more of a less is more person but really am working toward the exact right more in my less. Thank you for being you!

  • She is "Letting US HAVE IT!!!!! WerQ, Countess!!!

  • It's a plenty glamorous blog you provide here awesome looking, really love those creative idea and stuffs.

  • Pretty lady.Looks so nice on this outfit.Seems not so much aged.

  • She is looking so beautiful.Nice styles.Thanks.