Dare To Be Plaid

Here are some outtakes from the photos I took of Tziporah Salamon, in all plaid, for Vogue Japan. Can you believe she actually rides a bicycle in her amazing clothes?

  • Anonymous

    Great outfit, but sorry that bag does not go with. Is there really still snow on the ground in NY?

  • Love the plaid, the had and that fantastic necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. She is fantastic. And riding a bike even better.

  • lihbiboun

    Not only Ms Salamon is a phantastic lady – but moreover her bicycle is turquoise — won-der-ful! And why shouldn't she cycle in her outfit? Your blog is a vast source of inspiration, thanks. Love from Munich.

  • I couldn't take my eyes off that jacket & that string of silver beads. I wonder what those beads are and where they come from. Do you have any clue? she's utterly amazing!

  • Wow,i like her style.Specially the trousers.I just want to meke one like that.

  • Anonymous

    Tziporah always looks great! Another wonderful outfit! The art of coordinating personified. 🙂

    – Valerie (Idiosyncratic Fashionista)

  • Phenomenal woman, phenomenal style!

  • The beautiful and amazing Tziporah! Very inspiring!

  • Anonymous

    Great outfits. Great beads. Great smile.

    Such individuality makes my heart sing.


  • This ensemble is a-mazing.

  • Thanks, everybody for your comments.
    FairyFilligree, about the beads.
    I bought them at a small flea market in Tel Aviv when I was living there 5 summers ago. They are silver, hand-carved from Baku, Azerbaijan, very old. I told the vendor to bring me all that he had. Alas, there were only enough for two strands. I would have preferred three but that's me being greedy. I am grateful for the two!

  • What joy!

  • What a great style! I just love her outfit! Thanks for posting all of these wonderful people and their eclectic styles! Such beautiful people!!

  • Lex

    Her lipstick application is AH-MAY-ZING!!

  • sandra

    I mean, when you're lookin that good, what else is there to do except ride your bike and show the world? I love NY. She's gorgeous.

  • the hat and the big beads make the plaids even more wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    That Bianchi outshines her outfit anyday.

  • I love her so much! I love her French handbag, her Italian bike and all the plaid!

  • She is a Queen, so beautiful and inspiring.