Advanced Style on Television

I was recently featured on the AARP produced “My Generation” television program along with some of the ladies from Advanced Style.The segment will air on PBS stations throughout the country, but feel free and enjoy the clip right here.

  • Congratulations, Ari — this is a stunning piece!


  • Mr. Cohen, allow me to thank you for Advanced Style.

    Echoing the sentiment of a previous day's comment, your work is a superb change from mass media’s youth (and usually, uncouth) fixation. Outside this and select few other sites, it is easy to forget that elegance, modesty and individuality are still celebrated. As an aging woman, I am grateful for the respite.

    Advanced Style is truly inspirational and uplifting. In addition to being entertained, educated and occasionally amused, I am motivated and encouraged to hone my personal style like the ladies and gentlemen you photograph.

    Well done, sir. Well done.

  • LOVE this piece! I love the ladies of Advanced Style. How inspiring each and every one of them are to me! Thank you Ari, for sharing these gorgeous people with us! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • Sooo wonderful!

  • Ari – this video clip is beyond perfect!I just love all your lovely ladies, their colours & flair. They are a daily inspiration. Thanks for sharing & for bringing to us these lessons in style. I have never been to NY but I've been told just how fantastic it is… and I guess it's ladies like these who add that much glamour to the city.

  • Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. You have made us all ageless. Now the 15 year old wants to be in advanced style rather that the other way round, hehehehehe.
    You have created magic.

  • Ari,

    It is great to see your efforts paying off in getting more publicity! This is true Advanced Style Power. Ilona rocks and all the other ladies rock, too. I wish I could watch PBS from here! Thank you for sharing the clip.

    I understand now that it might take a long time to find one's true style and feel comfortable and confident about it. Style is such a safe channel to get connected. It seems these ladies have always had a strong sense about theirs. It is indeed about style and I agree with Lynn's take on the difference between style and fashion.

    I've been a fan of the advanced group. And yes, aren't we all heading there, too? One of my icons since childhood is Ms. Marple. Well, not exactly for her style, but need I say more? Joan Hickson's Ms. Marple outfits are really great, though. If you could interview Ms. Marple what would you ask from her?

  • There is a happiness and vivaciousness to the ladies in this video that is rarely seen by our younger generations now. Makes me smile.

  • This is too cool! <3 Congratulations!!!

  • Ari your blog is a revelation about what it means to age and the joy in everyday life. I have always had a strong sense of style, but your blog has set my mind at ease as I head towards 50. I no longer regret not colouring my hair pink as a teenager, I am going to do it the day after I retire! Thank you for doing what you do and congratulations on this video. Seeing some of your favourite subjects animated is absolutely inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    well Done…
    Oprah eat your heart out!

  • You deserve all the praise & airplay ! We are big fans of Advanced Style. Wish you all the best with this amazing project.

    take care


  • wonderful! congrats on this feature, ari.
    this video made my heart sing!
    you are doing great things with this blog. 🙂

  • What a great video! I loved seeing so many of your lovely fashion plates all in one film. They are all so stylish and very wise about the most important thing: be yourself!

  • I am so grateful that I found your blog around the time that I have over 40. And now as I write this, I feel almost a little touched, too …

  • Congratulation dear Ari. Well deserved!

  • Carol Markel

    So full of zing and verve! Fantastique!

  • thanks for this blog, love your work

  • This is a fantastic clip! Sooo inspirational, it radiates so much positive energy. Congratulations, well deserved publicity 🙂

  • Cindy

    Loved this!! Who is the woman at the end of the video? The "NOW" woman? She is a teacher. What does she teach and where??