Advanced Style Video:Lynn Dell The Countess of Glamour

Here is Lina Plioplyte’s latest video for Advanced Style featuring Lynn Dell, owner of the Off Broadway Boutique. I hope you enjoy these small clips as much as we enjoy putting them together.

  • Bee Sharp

    I love this lady and I love this blog, I am 58 years old and this is all about the style I adore too. Fabulous, watching you every day.

  • Fab-u-lous!

  • Seriously inspiring. "Fashion says me too and style says only me" LOVE Lynn! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful advice! I would love sometime to see in more detail how Lynn decorates her home. I work in a law office and don't have the freedom to dress like Lynn, so I decorate my home in bold colors and furnishings. Thank you so much for your blog. What an education I am getting!! Peggy.

  • Al

    Love this spot! She is a wonderful person. Just a treasure to listen to her fabulous insights. Well done Ari.

  • I love what I see here! I was referred here by Kizz at 117 Hudson.

    I'm going to send this to my Mom, who is 84 and just got an I-Pad!

  • Meg

    she's absolutely radiant! all of the women you feature here have become my primary source for daily inspiration

  • She's arrived! Love it.


  • She's arrived! Love it.


  • Amazing video! Thanks tons!!

  • sooo happy to have found your blog…keep posting!

  • Lynn Dell is a truly inspiring woman. What a spirit! She is the personification of glamor. And individuality. And a joy to behold and listen too.

    Young people who wish to be different should learn from this wonderful woman and maybe they will not choose a new tattoo or piercing in order to be original or different. There is so much more.

    This one video and many others made by Advance style weave a tapestry of human expression, creativity, originality — a tapestry that is culturally important and should find its way, somehow and eventually, to The Smithsonian Museum.

  • Ben
  • Your blog is such an inspiration and a testament to these amazing women and men. My grandmother used to say it's important to dress beautifully because other people have to look at you. The least you can do is give them something wonderful to look at that will brighten their day. All of the people on your blog do just that, even if they are dressing for themselves. They brighten my day.

  • Anonymous

    One word: GORGEOUS!

    Wow. Please please please ask her how to wear clip earrings without having them pinch your ears to the point you must take them off after an hour. If I knew that tip it would change my entire world!

    Ari this is divine work, just divine. Thank you and all the women so very much. Just turned 61 and want to rock it.

    Wish I lived near Lynn's shop. I love her!


  • You marvellous woman..what an inspiration!!! What a way to start my day listening and looking at her.

  • great advice!

  • What a wonderful clip! Thanks so much for putting it together and sharing it with us. She is a countess of style.

  • wonderful video – gorgeous lady – superb advice – thanks for this lovely post.