Tom Wolfe’s Style Advice

If I could dress like any gentleman in New York it would be Tom Wolfe. I asked if I could take his photo and told him that I wished I dressed half as good as he does. He gave me some great pointers in the video below.

  • Looks like Tom Wolfe to me!

  • but I guess you know who is "the fellow above"???

  • ari

    It is, he is amazing!

  • I am in tears of emotion, ahhhhhhhhhhhh How fantastic is Tom????

  • makes sense, but what else to expect from Tom W ?

  • What great shots. He is delightful. Love, love, love him!

    The Styleseer

  • Tom is simply amazing. Thankyou for writing this blog, I check in everyday and never fail to be inspired! x

  • He is the most attractive man ever! And I am only 40! This guy should be teaching men how to dress and carry themselves!

  • He is simply gorgeous!

  • Tom Wolfe and I grew up in the same southern city and decided to move to New York. I think that our individual moves allowed us both to develop good individual style.

    If he or I were still living where we grew up, we would perhaps be comforming to a totally different esthetic.

    I love New York!

  • Lovely post – I'm happy to see you include male style. I like to think men out there look out to be as stylish as their female counterparts. Lovely gentleman and love that soft blue he's wearing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Such fun! And very sound advice, for men AND women!

  • I was thinking about Tom Wolfe just a couple of days ago, idly wondering about the mammoth size of drycleaning bill from wearing his famous white suits every day. I remember an interview where he said they had to be dry cleaned after one wear, by themselves, in a new batch of solution. Poor Tom, I thought, with his admirable but ruinously expensive dedication to style!

    Lo and behold I am gladdened to see that he wears other colors – maybe he can get two or three wears out of this color!

    Tom looks super well turned out naturally, but it is a bit mind blowing to think he is an elderly man. In my mind he is the cheeky and amusing youngish man of his early writings! (and somehow, I know he still is).

  • Love the interview and the shout out to Mr Nicolosi.

  • Is that a lords style hat Mr. Wolfe is wearing

  • I stumbled onto your videos today and I can't get enough! I love what you do and was very excited to share 😀 Keep it up!!

  • A great style this gentleman has ! grey plus turquise is unbeatable ! true words !