Curiosity is the Key to a Long and Happy Life

I asked this woman, in her 80s what they key to living a long full life is and she responded with one word, “Curiosity.”
  • Short and sweet, I love this post.


  • That´s my credo too – curiosity is the key of a happy life. So sweet.

    xxoxxx Manuela

  • I agree that and an open mind and a love of life

  • Hello Ari 🙂
    It is Nathalie Hanna Bernhard from Paris !
    You have an article in a French magazine called 'L'Express styles' !
    There are 2 pages with pictures of your friends -including Iris Apfel' :
    shall I send it to you ?

  • Absolutely, ahhhhhhhhhhhh so true.

  • Coolest response ever. i kinda want to be her.

  • That is cool that she still fosters a sense of curiosity, it makes me realize that that world is so vast and full of wonder time cannot contain it.

  • ahhh, yes- curiosity.."the day is complete if I learn just one thing" a quote from my Mom

  • I love seeing gorgeous older women still putting together fun outfits <3

  • Oh my! I love that I've discovered this blog!

  • So true! The most vibrant people I know are the ones who maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity!!

    And she looks fabulous!!!

  • She is FABULOUS! I love her sunglasses and zebra sweater!

  • Inspiring!