Eye-Catching On The Upper East Side

This  woman was  leaving a cafe on the Upper East Side when I asked if I could take her photo. I told her that I loved her style and she told me that she dresses like this all the time. I love the way she coordinates her hat,scarf,and accessories. Her outfit is the perfect example of Advanced Style, it’s elegant unique and fun. What is your favorite part about this outfit? 

Check out her amazing lace wrist bands and bangles.
  • I'm in love with that hat 🙂 Beautiful shade of lipstick too…so flattering.

  • She conveys spring feelings even if she is dressed warmly. Good color combination.

  • The hat is beautiful, I am sure she added the brooch herself. The laces are also exquisite and intriguing.

  • Anonymous

    I love how you show the detail of how your Monday 4th April lady put together her great outfit. Your site is an inspiration. Just beautiful. Annie, Sydney Australia

  • I love the way she has put together the colours in a way that compliment and match without being predictable or contrived. Very elegant!

  • .. I love the wisdom of her eyes .. the very stylish hat and one can see, the lady knows how to combine the little necessities to enjoy every day with a bit of color… a beautiful woman..
    ciao ciao from Switzerland, Christa

  • Amy

    Wow. I like to think my style is grandmotherly, but man, I have nothing on the elderly ladies in your posts. Magnificent.

  • I love her hat. Very feminine!

  • I love her look. My favourite part is definitely her lace wristbands.

  • I love her nail polish! Very cool and chic.

  • I'm impressed by her styling using bright purple! I like how she is wearing such a unique hat and scarf with a classy Chanel purse 🙂

  • The hat, of course!!!!! Great blog, love it!!

  • Al

    She is just fabulous! I hope that I will be this stylish when I am a bit older. The color coordination is just right. I wish I could follow her for a month and see what other looks she's got up her sleeve! Great blog to visit, I'll be back. Have a great day.

  • I love it all but particularly those bangle bracelets!

  • Love the coat and smile

  • Loving everythig. The grey nail matching is a touch of magic.

  • Rebecca

    This elegant lady is the essence of advanced chic for me. Her outfit and makeup show careful attention to detail and a desire to flatter her assets.

  • Just lovely!

  • The Hat! Lately hats are all I can think of. We need a hat revolution!

  • Her Chanel bag is beautiful!

  • The thing I like best about her outfit is her confidence 🙂

  • does she have bright red hair? she is stunning and i especially love the hat.

    awkwardly chic

  • Anonymous

    I love the elements of whimsey – the do-dad on her hat and the lace cuffs.

  • She's very cute, i love hat her

  • The way she matches the shades of magenta tells so much about her. She is bold and feminine and lovely. Adore your blog. We share a grand mutual respect for the elderly.


  • The Chanel bag and the pop of purple color are my favorite aspects. I love it when women over 40 wear color. Many times they are prone to black and don't realize it ages you not to wear color. She is fab!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for what you do! I think it's really so great that you show the amazing style and inner beauty of the elderly people, especially nowadays when fashion world is so crazy about youth.

    This lady is absolutely charming, I love the hat and scarf and the use of colours!

  • love it

  • Elena Vasileva

    Thanks for one more beautiful photo!
    She is so good with the color palette!

  • How fabulous! I simply adore her hat and that Chanel is just to die for! Wonderful post!


  • What a beautiful hat. I love the photograph you took of her face.

  • I love that she is an awesome lady. I wanna be like her!
    Cool nail polish colour too

    Ps. cute blog!


  • great work and blog!
    just discovered it!love that
    you have a look here,it's the work of a french photographer with his grand mother Mamika,http://www.sachabada.com/,but maybe you already knows him.
    Have a good day

  • Anonymous

    Love her accessories! Chanel bag, necklaces, bangles and ring.

    I wish you could send submissions to post – my great aunt is 82 and has extensive experience within the fashion industry. She always looks great – to her, fashion means everything!

  • i love all of the little accessories and jewelry.

  • Caitlin

    She just looks so chic and effortless. I love the pops of color in her outfit – you can tell this is how she dresses everyday!

  • My favorite part…the attitude of the woman wearing the clothes. I love it when someone is comfortable in their own skin!

  • She makes me want to strive to do better with my dressing. Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry of