Fine Details

I took this photo by Columbia University this past weekend. I love this gentleman’s hat,coat and shined up shoes. If you look closely you can see part  of his argyle ascot peeking through the coat. I think he looks an old movie star, do you?

  • Al

    He is so dapper looking! Love his stylish ensemble. Nicely put together.

  • Sarai G.

    So handsome and classic! Reminds me of how my grandfather dressed for special occassions.

  • Rather Rex Harrison sans moustache!

  • It is refreshing to see this gentleman look so dapper in his tailored clothes. His coat is magnificent! I love the fact that he has taken care that his shoes shine the way they do!

  • although i'm not a huge fan of moustaches, he makes them look very dapper. i wish all men would take such care when getting dressed!

    awkwardly chic

  • Super Kewt Dude! xxoo Patty

  • He does. So great how you capture a person so simply, and always well done. I'm a fan.

  • this man shows that you can be dashing and elegant at any age! so glad to see the respect and admiration for those of us who may no longer be young. this is so special in a culture that worships youth. thanks.

  • He really looks very elegant and reminds of the Hollywood Golden era movie stars.
    Why ourdays stars mostly seen in tattered jeans and worn out t-shirts???

  • He does look like an old movie star! His outfit manages to be classic and modern at the same time and he looks like he really enjoys life.