Interview With an 80 year old Blogger

Rita Marcus, a blogger in her 80s, proves you are never too old to learn about new technology.I met Rita while in London for my project with Selfridges last Summer. She told me about her wonderful blog and I have been a fan ever since. I recently interviewed this style savvy tech wiz about her life as a blogger and more below:
How old are you and when did you start blogging?

I am now in my eighties and started blogging just over four years ago.
How has starting a blog changed your life, affected the way you communicate with people?
I think that I have certainly acquired more confidence since starting my blog and as such am able to relate to people far more easily than before.
What are your thoughts on aging? Can you offer any advice for those worried about growing “old”?
I think that ageing is only a name like age is just a number. Time goes by so quickly that we really don’t see , or rather can’t believe any change.
Do you mind the word old, if so what a better alternative?

Personally, I would rather be called an “elegant lady” than an “old lady”.

How would you define style?
I really think that one is born with Style. You either have it or you don’t! However, in retrospect, I suppose one learns from their mistakes. But at my time of life a quieter, simpler approach to style is far smarter.
What are the secrets to remaining young at heart?
As far as I am concerned I really believe that it’s my lovely family that keeps me “young at heart”. If you think about it, I have grown up with them all!

Truth is, I have never lost my sense of humour!
You look amazing, can you share your ” top ten beauty and lifestyle secrets with us?
Ari, you want to know what are my top ten beauty and lifestyle secrets are. Well, I suppose I still have a great interest in life and the people around me. I like to dress sensibly without going over the top. I do try to live sensibly .Be sure to get a good night’s sleep, drink lots of water, and alcohol in moderation.
Tell me a little bit about your relationship with technology. What electronic devices do you use on a daily weekly basis and do you keep up to date with new innovations?

I have left this question till last as the answers are endless! I have had a computer now for over ten years and at first used it for just sending and receiving emails. I now use the Internet daily and have made many friends world-wide. I Skype friends both at home and abroad, and do a lot of shopping too on the internet. If I wish, I can travel the world too on the Internet! And, of course, I have my BLOG (V.O.G)However, may I say that none of this would have been possible without the help of my dear son Stephen. He has been my mentor from the very beginning He has taught me all I know and has always had confidence in me, particularly at times when I was at the point of giving up.
  • Wonderful woman!

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    Thank you for this magnificent Feature, Ari.

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  • What an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing her story with us! I have a friend , shes lived alone for many years now, she use to travel the world, went to QE2's coronation luncheon but is like this lovely lady was…computers for email, nothing more and she has friends all over the world! I think today I will go visit her with my laptop and share your site with her 🙂

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    I have a new goal in life now; to be a 90-year old blogger!

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  • It is never too late to start from a 60 + blogger. Keeping up with technology keeps you young.

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    Proves that style is truly timeless.


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  • I sincerely love your blog. I stumbled upon it whilst researching style resources for more "seasoned" women. My intrigue in the topic surfaced after meeting a delightful lady in her 70's at a fashion show. Hope you don't mind, I shared your site and one of your videos on my blog.

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  • Thanks Ari for that great interview
    and I am touched and amazed by the response. I am so happy that I can be such an inspiration to so many other women. Thank you all!

  • wonderful woman and a very unique blog concept!

  • Ari you are smart, you always surprise us with interest posts. Thank you, from BsAs, Argentina, Julia C.

  • Ari, you are smart, always surprise us with beautiful posts, thank you. From BsAs, Argentina, Julia C.

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