Richard and Carol

I ran into Richard and Carol over Easter weekend and they were looking as stunning as ever. Every time I see this dazzling couple they are wearing something more colorful and wonderful than the times before. Carol has volunteered to help me organize the Advanced Style book.I am so lucky to have such a talented woman on board.Aren’t they just dreamy?
  • they look so beautiful!!!

  • my goodness, they look incredible!

  • yes they are dreamy, thanks for sharing!

  • Whow ! this is something I have never seen on Belgian streets !

  • You are right? they are stunning! You are licky to have her help with your book. Good luck!

  • Absolutely.They are both fantastic. And they are matching the colours in their outfits. How grand is that- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • .. I couldn't agree more with you…
    ciao ciao from Switzerland, Christa

  • They look really great!!

    So fun to see colors being used like this 🙂

  • They are so much fun! I love this and wish I could find such a couple downtown where I live! I love her hats and all the color on both of them!!

  • I just love the way they seem to decide to coordinate what they are wearing. In the first picture he's wearing pants to match the precise colour of her hat. In the second one his socks seem to echo that hat….. Do they do it on purpose or is it just coincidence. She's lovely!

  • Carol and Richard certainly do have an artful flair to their dressing style. Enjoy them. — barbara

  • They look lovely. I like how they dress to compliment each other, it's very charming!

  • Ohmygosh! They are so cute! <3 I think I'll always have my sense of style too 😉

  • No fear of fashion in these two! They are fantastic in their unique personal styles. And every time I see that third photo of them I think how much Carol reminds me of Isabella Rosselini, another unique beauty.

  • Yi

    Coolest couple I've seen!

  • They are so. Darn. Beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    When you reach a certain age just rock it!
    I don't think they'll be trying out for jobs in corporate America.

    We tend to think that older people must be preppy to be accepted.

    But I think it's more fun to just be yourself.

    And they are living "their" dream and that's all that counts.

    Love it!

  • I adore his GTH pants in the first picture.

  • Anonymous

    They exude joie de vivre! I love her piles of bead necklaces and how they kind of correspond with the dots on his shirts. I'm not sure whether one would coordinate accidentally to this extent, but I do find with my own partner of 25 years that if you breathe the same air for long enough even your (actual) dreams start to coordinate! Adore this couple, hope to see much more of them on here in the future. Adore you too, Seth, thanks for celebrating life with us.

  • I love her floral dress!
    They are so cute!
    Great blog, I'm now following!
    Wrote a little post about your blog.


  • dream dream dream boats! Love his sox. All the young men, take notes!!


  • OMG that´s so cute, I´m very fond pf your blog, following you now. So nice inspiring photos!!!

  • How fun to stumble across my old painting teacher! Great to see that Richard is still taking the piss out of life.
    -Rebecca, Tyler paintng major, class of '92