West Village Style

I was looking out the window on a taxi ride to the West Village, when I spotted this gorgeous lady. I always see people I’d like to photograph through the windows of taxis and buses, but I usually don’t get the chance to stop and jump out. I knew that this was an opportunity for a great shot so I asked the driver to pull over and quickly ran down the street to meet up with the lady above.

  • Absolutely worth the run. She is fabulous!!
    Thank you, Ari.

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Look at that amazing peachy complexion and that twinkle in her eye! Totally worth you getting out of your taxi to capture a shot of this beauty!

  • me encanta tu blog porque transmites algo diferente , sensibilidad con una etapa de la vida que muchos no entienden hasta que llegan .
    Gracias por mostrasnos tanta belleza.
    Besos Isabel .

    I love your blog because it conveys something different sensitivity to a stage of life that many do not understand until they arrive.
    Thank you for showing so much beauty.
    Kisses Isabel-Spain

  • I'm getting a wee feeling that she was/is an actress/singer/playwirght…something theatrical? Anyone else feeling that or know who she is?

    Gorgeous grey-on-grey-on- peachy person/photo!

  • Absolutely verifies that we really need a designer line of wheelchairs with accessories!

  • What a beauty! I love her smile, and that is a *great* hat! Thanks for running so you could share her beauty with us.