Zelda Kaplan at 94 Years Young

Yesterday I met with 94 year old Zelda Kaplan and asked her a few questions about life and style. Zelda is known for her wonderful outfits designed from fabrics she has collected all over the world.She loves going out on the town and can be found dancing at the some of the city’s hippest clubs. Zelda told me that the key to staying young is, “You have to be healthy, one must be interested in the world, not in oneself only.”
  • Fantastic, 94, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Awww, she looks so sweet <3 I hope I look that good when I'm 95!! <3 <3


  • I admire this lovely Lady.

  • i love this blog So Very Much. and zelda is amazing!!!!

  • she's so vibrant! i like her key to staying young.

  • Social media is an amazing thing. I found this link randomly on twitter. Zelda is certainly an inspiration. I'll be back to check out more of your interviewees. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a definite "feel-good" site.

    In a world so insanely focused on only young people, this blog sets that imbalance right somewhat.

    What a delight to partake of this beautifully and creatively dressed woman – and then share her life philosophy – thanks again for cheering me up!

  • Al

    What an inspiration. Just love her personal style, and her fabulous attitude towards life.

  • Is it something in the water in NY? I had relatives that hit triple digits when they lived there.

    Hmm. Maybe I should move back east…and have Zelda teach me a thing or two!

  • I adore Advanced Style! Each post is better than the last. I love listening to these women! Such beauties!!

  • Very cool that post, I love this lady, we must be attuned to everything. I totally agree with her!

    Congratulations for your beautiful work, love your posts.

    Kisses and look you in the blog Imeu Infinity Feminine.

    Kamilly Almeida,Brazil.


  • Oh my good how beautyfull!!!

  • I am very fortunate to know Zelda and be a dear friend of hers for over 8 years now. This woman is not only a worldly lady and fashionable, she has traveled through the villages of Africa and has helped raise money to build water wells for clean drinking water. She has advocated and helped young woman who suffered from female genital mutilation. The list goes on… Zelda always told me 'my dear you are somebody and never ever forget that, she said the 'youth' of today do not dress with manners. When we would go out she would be annoyed to see people 'grinding' on the dance floor lol, she said this was disgusting and woman are lowering themselves these days for attention. You know what Zelda has taught me so much and she's absolutely right! xoxox thank you for sharing this xoxox

  • Fantastic! Great post, interesting necklace on Zelda(vid)…