Advanced Style and StyleList Discover the Secret to Vintage Shopping

Advanced Style  teamed up with AOL’s StyleList to discover some great finds at the Metropolitan Vintage Clothing Show . We asked some of our favorite Advanced Stylistas, including Debra Rapoport and Tziporah Salamon, about the benefits of Vintage shopping and gathered some great tips along the way.  After watching the clip above, do you feel that vintage is better?

  • If I had to choose New or Vintage, I would always choose vintage. I think the most alluring thing about pre-loved clothing is the quality and cut, as well as knowing that it already has a history. There is a kind of romanticism associated with vintage (for me).

  • Liz

    Hello! I am new to your blog and I just love it!!! 🙂 I have spent the last hour going back and looking at your older posts… It's Saturday morning and I have lots to do…but I can't wait to return and finish seeing all these FABULOUS ladies! 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend!


  • Great video – wish I was there…great advice too. Thanks for sharing your experience

  • What a lot of fun it is to see you all live, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I must try eventually.

  • I agree with Sacramento. I love the pics but it is so good to hear the voices and seeing these wonderful ladies like Debra in full movement. And you Ari, are adorable. If I ever meet you, I may just pinch your cheeks out of admiration!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  • I wear vintage more often than not, and I've been collecting for 20 years. I have a forever wardrobe and unique style that draws people to me. And I have never shown up at an event in the same anything as anyone else!! These stylish women know what they're talkin about!!

  • wonderful – no long comments today – relaxing – enjoying mothers day

  • Love your blog!
    please, come away to my blog



  • I prefer vintage even though I've turned lazy lately. This is such an inspiration to start again!

  • Advance for new generation.
    Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab