Advanced Style in Paris

I am in Paris until Saturday, shooting for my book and the first person I happened to photograph is a woman from New York. It turns out she only lives a few blocks away from me! Tomorrow I am being filmed for Canal+ so if you know any Parisian ladies with Advanced Style email me at . I will be at the Jardin du Palais-Royal tomorrow afternoon after 3.
  • Sorry i don't know any lady's in Paris i just wanted to say i like your pictures and i wish you lots af good luck with your book.
    (the Netherlands)

  • Loving her nails so much.

  • You're in Paris working on a book?? That is SO EXCITING! I've been behind on checking in here so this news is awesome to read! Good luck with the book Ari and with being filmed for Canal+ =-)

    I do have a friend who is touring Paris until June but I'm not sure where she is staying, sorry =-(

    Enjoy you time in Paris!!

  • HAPPY discover you, A KISS FROM SPAIN.


  • I thought that ALL Parisian ladies had advanced style!

  • Hey Ari,

    It's been months since I've checked out your blog. Toujours magnifique!

    I hope you have a great time in Paris. Love your work.

    Sois bon et sage.

    – David

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  • How fun Ari. Love this beautiful woman 🙂

  • Ben

    What a cwinsidence(purposly spelt wrong)!

  • Enjoy Paris my distant friend – 'sigh' – wish I was there too!

  • Oh! I want her glasses. Now!

  • She is adorable…..xv

  • She looks fun, love the sunglasses and polish. Enjoy Paris mon ami!

  • you know,this lady looks effortlessly stylish and un-contrived. not like some of the other ladies you picture. they look as if they trying too hard.

  • Love this. Just heard you on Woman's Hour. I wish you could have photographed my Italian Mother-in-Law or that she could have taken a peek too.

    Best of luck to you.