Advanced Style’s Moment of Divine Intervention

The most wonderful thing happened last night. I was on my way home from a performance at Town Hall when I ran into two lovely ladies from Northern England. It was 10:40 pm and I got off on a subway stop that I don’t usually exit from, when all of the sudden the ladies above started shouting, “Ari Ari.” I thought that I must know them from somewhere but realized that I didn’t recognize them at all.
They told me that they  had been following Advanced Style for over a year and that the ladies I feature inspired them to come to New York.The lady on the left wanted to take a trip to New York for her 66th birthday to feel as free as the women I photograph everyday. She told me that it’s hard to be herself in the small town where she resides,so she couldn’t wait to visit New York where she could dress up and express herself.

This was a truly  some kind of divine intervention.Neither one of them had contacted me so to run into them in the middle of the night was pretty unbelievable. I pulled out my Flip camera to capture the moment on video and told them that I would take them to Off Broadway Boutique today. It was the Birthday Girl’s goal to be on Advanced Style, so I had to make her wish come true.

  • I L O V E this story! How fantastic is that?! Thanks for sharing and greetings from Berlin 🙂

  • This is SO great!! look at their faces. The happiness is radiating!!
    Just makes me believe in the laws of attraction even more!

    Discovered your blog recently.. it's're such an inspiration for all generations and women everywhere!!

    Joanna – from london

  • Love it….Serendipitous. Love the Brits!

  • Love the Brits, what a totally serendipitous meeting.

  • leilani

    What a wonderful way to start my day–laughing with these wonderful ladies! Thank you Ari.

  • Ari you are so silly! I love this so much. Their excitement, energy, and disbelief.

    Even better is you took them to Off Broadway – what a complete and quintessential NY experience!


  • Ohhhh I love these women!!! And I love your blog, Ari!!! xo

  • This is such a cool story…the video just made my day!! What a great moment…

  • Carol

    Only in New York, the smallest big town on the planet.
    Welcome to NY, fabulous British ladies.
    Carol and Richard

  • What a sweet, serendipitous story. It warmed my heart, and was a great way to start the day. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    so very cute………and so much fun!!!!

  • Such a wonderful story..I'm from the North of England too and thought not quite advanced yet, LOVE this blog x

  • Karen

    This makes me so happy! I love that they wanted to BE SEEN for her birthday. So awesome!

    And to Ari… I'm not even close to my 60s, but your blog is really inspiring for a younger person to wear awesome outfits at any age. People who see my collection of brightly coloured tights and shoes, and often comment, "Oh, I can't wear bright colours," and I ask, "WHY NOT?" And then I direct them to your blog. 🙂

  • Oh my God. This is so wonderful, Ari. How great it is, what you do.

  • That is a fabulous story, divine intervention, indeed! 🙂

  • Anita

    In my best Madeline Kahn imitation… "Vat a nice guy!". LOL.
    Watching this video made me so happy for these two ladies! Happy Shopping!

  • That is so funny and such a sweet story! Ari, just look at what you gave them~ a great New York experience with a cherry on top. So wonderful in so many ways.

  • Mirakel9

    How fabulous, what are the chances! Have fun shopping!

  • Eva

    They must have found out where they can meet you. I just can't believe in such a coincidence in a city as big as NY. But nevertheless — you move something, don't you?

  • Beautiful!

  • How wonderful – made me smile and wonder. I have not been to New York and my one granddaughter works there, another goes to music school there and my grandson will be taking an internship there for the summer.
    Wonder if grandma could leave her cottage in the woods and visit the big city 🙂

  • donna

    such a heart-warming story! i'm sending it to my mother and i fully expect she will be booking a ticket to nyc for a bit of ari-stalking soon…ari, have you thought of hosting shopping safari vacation packages? my mum would fly in for sure;-) you can take her shopping, take a pic, put it on your blog. she will also want to go dancing with you however so be warned…

  • That's a wonderful story! I'm a Brit myself (and a countryside girl to boot) and I can vouch for how difficult it is to express yourself in a small town in the UK. I hope these women can get lots of inspiration from NY and have the time of their lives!!

  • Just so wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    I want to echo what everyone else has just said. This was such fun and I could sure feel the excitement and joy of these two women! I really hope you're going to give us the next instalment–after the shopping trip! I am in my 'lower 60s' and constantly feel inspired by what I read here. I love your blog!
    jill in Ontario

  • jan

    De-lurking to say that I really enjoyed this post! What a great story and I hope they really have a good time in New York!

  • They are so cute! I hope my sister and I are as cute as they are when we get into our golden ages or rather 'silver' age. Love your blog!

  • Wow, what a great moment. It's so cool the birthday girl and her friend came to NYC inspired by you and all the fab people on this site. Then to run into you like that. That is the Divine showing her hand.

  • That's it! I am now unshakably convinced you are some kind of saint masquerading as a blogger.

    Seriously, there just aren't the right words for the kind of wonderful this story is.

  • I hope someone told that young lady that she bears a striking resemblance to the gorgeous Helen Mirren. This was a wonderful post, thank you so much.

  • How very very awesome.