An Advanced Style Makeover

After my divine run in with the girls from England(check out yesterday’s post for the full story), I thought I’d brighten up Carol’s day with an Advanced Style makeover. Carol has been a bit down lately, so she decided to come to New York for her 66th birthday, in order to get re-inspired. Carol rarely wears color so after a trip to Debra’s, where we played with hats and put some bright make up on her, we headed over to Off Broadway Boutique. Lynn, Pat and the gang were ready to lend a helping hand for Carol’s final transformation.We were even able to convince her to put on a little color.What do you think of Carol’s new look? I hope you enjoy the videos above. It was truly wonderful running into these fantastic ladies who showed me that the ladies on Advanced Style are inspiring others to feel good about themselves.

  • How lovely and wonderful!

    She is beautiful before and after.

    It's all in the spirit.


  • That was so beautiful (last video), it made me teary. What a wonderful thing they did for her! Thanks for making that happen. She'll never forget it!

  • Marie

    She looks absolutely beautiful!

  • I watched your chance meeting video last night and just knew you'd get up to something exciting! These ladies had a ball & you didn't just make their day – you made their holiday!!

  • This was such a lovely story to watch unfold. 🙂

  • Agree — beautiful before and after! But ohhh, she looks wonderful in that purple jacket and those earrings. Yay!

  • Carol

    Love Carol's pink jacket and earrings!
    Both women look wonderful.
    What a happy time.

  • You look gorgeous in that pink! Bring some of that colour back home to England, we need it:) I've loved seeing your New York story unfold, it's been a joy. Congratulations on having the courage for a big adventure.

  • You look gorgeous in pink! Bring some of that colour back home to England, we need it:) It's been a joy to see your big New York adventure unfold. Thank you, it's made my day.

  • Really amazing blog I love it!
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  • Hi Ari. You didn't just make Carol's holiday, you may have transformed her life! Isn't it amazing how such beautiful women (the two of them and, in fact, all the rest of us!) never think of themselves as beautiful? And Carol – I know your village and, although the Brits can be a little judgemental :), GO FOR IT and add some color to your life. You are truly gorgeous!!

  • Carol, you look fantastic! Amazing and stunning! The magenta colored jacket brings you to life and the color is superb for your complexion! Your earrings made me swoon, they're so beautiful! All the ladies in the videos are just stunning! Ari, these videos are so inspirational! I love them! Like I've always said, I would be happy to be half as gorgeous as these ladies when I'm their age! Pamela looks like royalty in the fascinator! And Pat and Lynn, you are fabulous! Just fabulous! How I enjoyed this post! 🙂

  • I hope she took the pink jacket home with her to Yorkshire…she really does look sensational…

  • All of the women look so beautiful!!! Such a joy to watch them have fun!

  • Mim

    Super duper, Carol!

    Forget drab.

  • As always . . an inspiration!
    I may be "only" 53 . . . but maybe one day I too can wear color and age as gracefully as all the women on your blog!

    Heartfelt thanks,
    Lori Ann

  • You are all so inspiring, these ladies are lovely, and I hope she continues to wear that shade of purple because she looks gorgeous! This blog always makes me smile.

  • Love that colour on her. I hope she keeps wearing colour when she goes home to England.

  • This blog is awesome, this is pure inspiration ! Age means nothing when it comes to style and fashion, this blog brightens my spirit, really, keep up the good work ! 🙂 I am supporting you by following you with google !

  • fantastic story- I hope the ladies took the green and purple jackets home- and those earings!! amazing.

    Happy birthday and wishing you more stylish birthdays to come

  • This whole uncanny episode in the life of Advanced Style just makes me sob. In a good way!

  • Rebecca

    How absolutely wonderful! Both women looked lovely and their joy in being part of the Advanced Style world is contagious and inspiring. I feel like running over to the Off Broadway boutique so that I can experience the fun of being put together by the pros!

  • Anonymous

    What a great follow-up to yesterday's post! Such fun to go from video to video as the day unfolded. I just loved it and watched them all with a smile on my face! Carol, definitely take that gorgeous jacket with you–you absolutely should wear colour–it looks stunning on you!
    jill in Ontario

  • Absolutely beautiful post. Extremely touching and full of wonderful people.

  • "You don't dress up in heaven." Love that!!!!

  • Such beautiful women – all of them! Absolutely loved the birthday makeover – that splash of color looks fabulous on her. And that smile in the close-up photo – radiant!

  • beautiful as ever! But ohhh, she looks wonderful in that purple jacket and those earrings.. 🙂

  • Carol just shines in that gorgeous jacket! You can see how much she glows just from her smile… it seems like her true self is coming through! Happy 66th to you, Carol!

  • Wow, this is so lovely to watch these two ladies glow and shine. Carol, I do hope you continue to wear color after this. You were lit up in that purple.

  • b

    Ari…I was writing about how older people can find new friends. In retirement communities it seems that many men and women are very lonesome while standing in a crowded room. It occurred to me that you colorful friend might be an inspiration. Don't you think people that dress or wrap themselves in color invite conversation? I included a screen shop of your friend. Thank you for the connection.


  • Anonymous

    Ari….how wonderful of you to make their trip to N.Y. so wonderful!!……so much fun!…..yes, you were all meant to run into each other in the subway!……your a sweetheart and so are all your wonderful friends…..

  • Very fashionable Nana. I wish my Nana is like here 😉

    Claire M.

  • I really like Carol's look in the fuchsia jacket. Perhaps her usual look is more conservative than she'd like, but Carol's classic conservatism is a nice foil for a colorful artistic piece like that. It ends up looking dramatic but confident, and it works!

  • What a celebration! I love it all! Bravo ladies!

  • This was the most amazing post Ive ever read! Soooo lovely! Carol looks a m a z i n g, reminds me of my beautiful grandmother who was the prettiest woman! Go girls, you are a true inspiration, all of you. <3

  • Benita Ironside

    what wonderful women just love the wonderful attitude!