Faces of Paris

Here are some of my favorite Advanced Style looks from Paris. Next week I’m off to Scandinavia to do some more shooting for my book. What is your favorite look?

  • I recognize one lady – my friend Dominique. She is a very lovely lady.

  • Ell

    They are all so very stylish and lovely and I am particularly fond of the fourth lady down – perfect combo of great make up, chic glasses, wonderful scarf and all round lovely smile! Head gear, earrings – all great!

  • Beautiful ladies!

  • I love:Nº 1 the sleeves.
    Nº 2.- the glasses
    nº3 the pose and the eyes
    nº4.- the glamour, so Debora ker…
    nº 5 her hair
    Love u and want to go to Sweden, too, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • All stylish, lovely ladies. It's hard to choose, but the fourth one is really perfect – both on trend and classic. The turban is having such a moment right now and her make-up is so fresh and youthful!

    The Styleseer

  • I do agree that the fourth down has about the sweetest smile I have ever seen. She is stunning.

  • Are you coming to Copenhagen?

  • ari

    Yes Sally I am !

  • there's something unique and special about each one:

    1. the fact that she's wearing rayban wayfarers
    2. elegant!
    3. dramatic chic
    4. she is luminous!
    5. her avant garde look

    they're awesome, ari!

  • Wow, so much style squeezed into this post – mature people showing how its done is a rocking concept x

    Come check out my heel design blogspot? Think you'll really like what you see…Take care x


  • Nan

    They are all stunning I couldn't possibly pick just one.

  • Ari, they are all beautiful women but I have to vote for the 5th woman. She looks strong and confident. I am not brave enough to have a cut like hers!

  • Suella

    Nice to see older women comfortable with their own faces and hair colour. I wonder if this is a French thing, or are these women just more comfortable with their authentic selves?

  • Carol

    J'adore tous les femmes de Paris!

  • It's a toss up between #3 And #4. I love 3's hair and make-up, but I like the clothing and accessories on 4 better than 3's. They are all, however, magnificent!

  • ♥everyone♥
    wellcome to finland, too ☺

  • Absolutely fabulous! I love what you do. Featuring gorgeous, stylish individuals of a certain age, and revealing that there is beauty,class, and wisdom inside and out. Thanks so much!

  • Wellcome to Scandinavia…How about Finland.I woud like to see our Great lady Aira Samulin in your page…she is so great looking old lady!

  • Rebecca

    Although all are lovely, I think my vote is with #3 because to me she represents the style, chic and joie de vivre of a mature Parisian woman.

  • The first lady reminds me so much of Charlotte Rampling, but my favorite has to be the lady in the spotted scarf. Manifique!

  • Eva

    Style award No 1 goes to the lady with the turban, 4th picture. (To a certain extent personal attraction, too.)

  • Viktoria

    Yes, they are all wonderful, but number four, with the turban, she has all that one would expect from a Parisian lady. Very chic!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari, I love your blog. It's such a pleasure to visit and take a look, makes my days much more cheerful. And I also think it's great that you're touring now Europe. It' just what I thought recently … , why doesn't he cover stylish ladies in other cities and on other continents? Anyway, as for this post: All ladies are beautiful. But I love best no. 1 and 3, that's how I can see me in future, as a mix of these styles.
    Greetings from Vienna, Brigitte

  • Very French. Very Chic!

  • The granny's are so fashionable I loe it 😉

  • Lou

    All of them showcase unique advanced style and look contemporary and fantastic. I adore how number two has taken on the nude trend, love her hair, her glasses and the bunch of custom jewelry with the green color accent. I try to visit Paris at least once a year exactly because nowhere is advanced style done better, more smashing, convincing or appealing than in Paris. Fact! The French grasp, in a profound way, that beauty has little to do with youth: it's all about charm, joie de vivre and style.

  • Anonymous

    I'd go for number 5 – I wish you would feature more women like her, as the avant-garde/semi-rocker is my prototype and I can't seem to ANYONE older who exemplifies this style….
    (But then that might explain why you don't have more examples of this type – they may be extremely rare!!)

  • I love the first – the shirt's sleeves are great, and all in all it looks a lot like something I'd wear myself, perhaps – good inspiration!

  • k

    i love them all, but the last one is my favorite! there's an "edginess" mixed with a softness that i love!

  • Kate

    This 40 year old loves each look and is inspired by every one of the beauties you feature!

  • I love the color combinations in the photo of the third woman down from the top. What wonderful memories you will have of Paris.

  • Ahh…a 51 year old Aussie here looking for affirmation that the silver haired set do not have to resort to dressing down or dressing like a teen to look fabulous and stylish. Thanks! How to choose between these gorgeous ladies? I love them all!

  • I just found this blog. I like it!

  • I like it!!

  • Wow; do these ladies look fabulous or what!