The New 90 Year Old

All of the ladies above are between 90 and 99 years old. They do pilates, go out dancing, and have busier social lives than I do. I have learned that the key to living a long happy life, is to stay active and interested in the world. These gorgeous ladies take away the fear of aging and give us all something to look forward to.

  • I wanna look like them when I reach this age! (if I reach..)

  • Tremendous. I think 90 is the new 40s.
    Love them all,and you Ari for making this blog a reality.

  • Anonymous

    I love this gorgeous women and the focus of your fabulous website. But I can't help but feel conflicted and even concerned about the advertising showcased alongside these aging beauties. Most if not all of the advertising I see on your website features very young and sexy women. Much of the advertising is cheap and mainstream and very much disconnected from the women you feature in your posts. It's almost as if they are being presented as a farse and a cute and charming hobby of yours, with the message that real beauty is limited to the younger set. It's a strange experience browsing your posts while at the same time being confronted with tight, sleek twenty-year old bodies in the sidebar. Just wanted to share that with you. Thank you.

  • incredible ! fascinating

  • Anonymous

    90 is the new "Age is only a number."

  • Beautiful ladies!!

  • Thank you so much for this post… it almost put tears in my eyes! These women are amazing and their zest for life is certainly what keeps them so young!

  • I work with older people and I have to say I adore those who are in their 90's. There is just something special about people who have seen so much of life and endured. They all seem to share a common trait which is an intense interest in other people and the world around them. They also seem to eat of a lot fruit! Maybe these things are the secret to being a beautiful, lively 90 something like these lovely women.

  • awesome! i so enjoy your blog!

  • I want to snuggle up with each and every one of them!x

  • Rebecca

    Ruth is such a beautiful and elegant woman that she is ageless. Her tips on staying healthy and vibrant at almost 100 years of age are worth memorizing!
    The other women in their 90's are fantastic and equally inspiring.

  • Lady number 2 with the fish nets is amazing! Can't believe she's 90 – 99 years old! Wow. And all the other ladies look amazing too mind…. wonder if I could look half as good as any of them if ever I reach that milestone! Am starting Pilates… so might have a chance.

  • Anonymous

    Me ha encantado leer este post. Las mujeres mayores también tenemos que lucir guapas y nos gusta mostrar nuestro estilo.

  • Look at the gams on the lady in fishnet stockings! These gorgeous gals are so inspiring; getting older doesn't mean you have to become a shrinking violet and fade into the background. They let their true stylish selves shine through!

  • b

    I don't wish to be ninety. I hope to be ninety…someday! And I want to be as beautiful as these ladies.


  • I love her necklace… fantastic!

  • amazing

  • These women amaze me! i am inspired. I am in awe. I want to be therm when I grow up>

  • Holy canolli, guacamole and ravioli on a stick this is the most inspirational thing you have posted yet.

    That's it, I am joining Toastmasters and finding some other ways to stay engaged with the rest of the human race. I was to be like this when I 'grow up'!

  • Very stylish granny's I love it 🙂

    Claire M.

  • that was really excellent photography , i will never seen before .
    before i say some thing i really want to tell you some thing about your photography , that is you have really deep analysis in see things and chose things to shoot???? rite . well this picture makes me your biggest fan..
    regards …

  • O good, I wish all grannies dress and act like these… It will make the world better… Come to think of it, it will relieve the from their wrinkles, frowns, and other things that entail old age.

  • A couple of years ago, I went to get my passport renewed. I asked the person ahead of me how long he had been waiting and commented that I had waited several hours when I dropped mt passport off for renewal a few days earlier. He said that he was not sure how long the wait had been when the passport was left, because he was just holding a place for an older lady in his apt building and he gestured toward the chairs at the side of the room. He had to be 75 or 80 years old himself, so I looked to see what "older" looked like to him. Sitting there was a little woman, more nattily dressed than anyone in the room. Turns out she was 92 years old! I went home and said to my husband, "Today I saw what I want to be – when I am 92 years old, I hope I am worrying about renewing my passport!" That lady was just like the ladies in these pictures. I am still amazed that she let the gentleman hold her place in line. I have always wondered whether she was humoring him and maybe even flirting with his ego just a bit. Smart gal, I say.

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait to be so beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I can wait!

  • Thank you for these lovely portraits. I’m currently writing about a fictional character who’s a 90-year-old artist. Your visual inspiration has really helped me nail down her appearance.