90 Year Old Fashionista Edith Drake

90 year old Edith Drake is one of the most fashionable women I know. She is elegant, fun, and always has a great pair of heels on. 90 never looked so good!
Check out the video below to see Edith with her equally amazing husband songwriter Ervin Drake.

  • Fantastic! I love the positive nature of this blog and all of these wonderful people!

  • This is so wonderful! There are so many stylish people out there of every age and it is nice to see someone celebrating that! You are so right about learning from our elders. To bad so many people forget this!

  • I had already glimpsed this lovely lady on your blog & my oh my – she's fantastic…. Love her jewelry too!

  • Rebecca

    What I love most about your photos of all these fabulous women is the variety and individuality in the way they dress and live their lives. They defy the general theory that one becomes invisible with age. Their spirit and joie de vivre is strong and an example to us all!

  • I am so glad I found your blog – it's one of the best blogosphere discovering of 2011 for me! 🙂 You are absolutely charming and all these ladies are just beyond fabulous. They take such a great pride in their appearance – what a great example to live by. Just look at Edith – her look is flawless and she even matched her nail varnish to compliment the stones in her necklace!

    Definitely following you – can't imagine missing any future posts!

    Have a wonderful day and relaxing weekend!


  • She looks amazing! Love the details on her outfits.

  • I love this !! I find it so inspiring – to aim for a life well lived all the way through. As for Edith – wow, look at those pins! Her legs are better than most 30 year olds i know!

  • This is a an INSPIRATION.. Loving life is great ….I want to be like that when i´m older….
    Thank you for your blog .
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  • very touching blog. a lesson both in style and life. thank you 😉

  • What a fantastic necklace she is wearing!

  • I've never seen your blog


  • Ooooooh, this blog is gorgeous, can't believe I haven't seen it before! Love it! <3

  • Oh my god, I can't believe she is actually 90!

    Great blog, an interesting one!


  • Anonymous

    Her necklaces are fantastic!

  • She's lovely (so is her husband) – she reminds me of Rene Russo, albeit 50 years from now – not a bad thing to aspire to, Rene! 😀

    Very, very stylish and fabulous, both of them!


  • Patrice

    Wow! Ms. Drake has a great figure and fantastic legs!

  • How wonderful is her necklace… just fantastic!