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I have been in Stockholm the past few days with limited access to internet and am now at the airport on my way to Helsinki. When I asked the woman above for a photo, she asked why I wouldn’t want to take a picture of someone beautiful,someone younger, why her? I explained that I don’t think of beauty in terms of age and that she was in fact very beautiful.She was hesitant,but in the end she thanked me with a smile on her face.
  • Fantastic, very elegant. Enjoy Helsinki!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Ari and Ms. Stockholm for the lovely photo!

  • You see beauty where beauty is, ahhhhhhhhhhhh my dear friend, you are so fantastic and close to my heart.
    Such a wonderful lady.

  • yes, a beautiful lady with a bit of a critical look in her eyes, I bet, she was pleased and will not forget this day…all the best, Christa

  • Carol E.

    Yay! I get to make first comment. She is another of your examples of exquisite authentic beauty. Thank you Ari for having an eye for the kind of beauty that makes one stop and ponder…

  • She is very beautiful – thanks for sharing her with us!

  • She is realy very elegant!

  • sandra

    She is graceful and beautiful. My heart hurts when older people don't feel beautiful…Thank you Ari for being a light in her life. I'm sure she will always remember your words…

  • Joeann

    You have an eye for beauty and this elegant lady is beautiful indeed.

  • Super lovely blog!


  • I agree – she is very elegant!

  • I love this and thank you for seeing true beauty! Kathysue

  • This woman carries herself with such grace…wish you had captured the smile.

  • I love the picture. She has a glow of grace around her.

  • The plaid skirt, plaid cuffs and that scarf! What a wonderful outfit. I'm so glad she agreed to have her photo taken.

  • La-Les

    I must tell you that this beatiful lady (90 years!) is a friend of mine. Her name is Kerstin ben Salem. When I was i Stockholm this week and had dinner with her, she told me about that her picture had been taken in June, but she does not have a computer. We found this blog and she was so pleased and proud to see her picture in the blog!
    She is not only beatiful – even more in real life – but also a wonderful person and a talented artist. She was married to the Tunisian painter Aly ben Salem who died ten years ago.