Ilona and Me:”If It’s Black It’s Got to Have Lots of Diamonds”

I spent the weekend with Ilona in Provincetown, a magical seaside town where she resides all Summer long. We had a wonderful time sitting by the beach and Lina and I got some great footage for our documentary. I will post some more shots tomorrow, but I hope you enjoy these photos of Ilona and I on the beach for now. Ilona’s latest fashion advice on wearing the color black,”If its black its got to have lots of diamonds.”

Ilona says regarding clothing,”If its black its got to have lots of diamonds.”

  • Excellent job. I think it's great that you take the time to make these women feel beautiful and capable. Two thumbs up to you!!

  • Oh I forgot to say, great photos and I love that colorful dress or blouse Ilona is wearing.

  • Love them!!!

  • sandy

    great photos. Ilona is the best…such a flirt and full of life. I love her.

  • Rebecca

    I absolutely love Ilona. She looks so glorious and vibrant in your photos. I can't thank you enough for bringing this delightful woman to my attention. As I live in NYC, I am often privileged to see some of the people you highlight in the Advanced Style blog. They definitely live up to their reputation as style and spirit icons!

  • Did the two of you color coordinate for these photos? You look great together.

  • Al

    She is adorable! Hope you both had lots of sunscreen on too!

  • So smitten with you both…oh and she is right!

  • aw, you too (and your glasses!) are so cute in this. appropriately enough, today I bought a black dress covered in fake small diamonds

  • truly fabulous!!
    i love what you're both wearing- such happy colors and patterns.

  • I also want to be friends with Ilona 🙂

  • Kay

    Absolutely love your blog. Love that your eyes see beauty in more places than the silly magazines that can't look beyond 19.

  • Becky

    The dynamic between you and your subject is wonderful. So different from the other street fashion photographers who couldn't care less about the person who inhabits the clothing.

  • I love that the two of you are laughing and having great fun together. The photos instantly brought a smile to my face as you radiate out into the world. Very powerful!

  • Ilona is radiant beauty. I would be happy to look at brightly-colored, sun-filled shots every day! (And you ain't too bad yourself, Ari!) Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Ilona and ME.