Ilona by The Sea

Ilona moderating a drawing class in Provincetown
Ilona waving to neighbors from her seaside balcony
Lina shooting some footage for the Advanced Style Documentary

At 91 everything Ilona Royce Smithkin does is accompanied by a great sense of freedom. She lives in the present and enjoys every moment as it comes.When it comes to thinking about the future Ilona says,” I just don’t buy green bananas anymore, and I only buy small tubes of tooth paste.” Ilona is very inspired by the sea, from her turquoise jewelry which reminds her of moving water, to her mermaid paintings which you can see in the video below.

  • Never buying green bananas! Those are words to live by. I love her colour palette!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  • Oh make me longing for vacation at the seaside.
    Sinds i found your blog i am a big fan and i am also i big fan of Ilona now, i love her optimistic and colorful spirit.She is also a very talented artist.
    Give her the greetings from
    Me from the Netherlands

  • How fabulos:" I just don't buy green bananas anymore.
    I think nobody should. It is like taking life for granted…

  • Great outfits. I want both of those tops!

    The Styleseer

  • Ilona looks fantastic. I especially like the portraits of the two of you in the previous post. Lina is doing a great job.

    Maria, Budapest

  • I love that about the green bananas, great idea:) I'm going to have to share this video of this exciting woman sometime this week on my blog. I'll be sure to link it back to your blog when I do share it. Absolutely wonderful. I love this blog!

  • mir

    your blog is amazing! these women are icons!

  • Entries like these, about people like Ilona, are what makes me love your blog so much. It's so inspirational and life-affirming to see and read about the older generation. We can truly learn so much from them, their optimism and their outlook on life. They have lived it all, seen so much and are now just enjoying life as it is. Day by day, no expectations, no dissapointment. Just living in and loving the presence. I wanna be like Ilona, when I grow old. Like she says about one of her mermaids: "She's peaceful, that's what I have sort of become. Peaceful within myself and content and happy." I hope to truly achieve this someday! Thanks so much for writing this blog, it often brightens up my day so, so much. Can't wait for the book and documentary!

    xoxo Rikke

  • Hi Ari
    I've fallen in love with Ilona she is such a beautiful delight. Is she still selling her beautiful drawings of mermaids I would love to have one. I'm in Australia. Cheers Lisa xx

  • I love this woman! She's an inspiration 🙂

  • What a pretty lady is Ilona…So sweet and so strong…I love her! lot a kisses from São Paulo, Brasil.

  • ¡¡¡I love your blog!!!
    Be Happy.
    Style under the skin.

  • ari

    She is selling them, send me an email!

  • What a graceful photo (the first in the post)! Ilona is a gem of a person.

  • what an awesome lady. I'd love to have coffee with her on her seaside balcony.

  • Hey bold woman…..Ilona really you are great and you look so pretty in your costume…I think she ll be the inspiration for most of us….

  • Is she pisces? 🙂

    Ilona is definitely my favourite!