Ilona Royce Smithkin By The Sea

The weather in New York is dismal and grey, so I thought I give you another dose of Ilona’s inspiring words. Here she is on her balcony in Provincetown, Mass .
  • I love your blog. One day I would love to be like you. It's nice to get a perspective from down the road. Makes you appreciate life everyday. Hope you enjoyed your time out of the city.

  • I agree completely! She's a lovely woman.

  • What a magnificent woman! I never tire of listening to her sage words! She really is proof that we choose our own happiness! I find the sea a conduit to wonderful
    spiritual energy, she explains why!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful lady with us!

  • Wonderful blog, really enjoy it!

  • I really liked what she said about not having tight clothes as it "handicaps her spirit, and her spirt has to be free." Beautiful.

  • Total harmony …

  • Oh Lord, please, please let me be Ilona when I grow up. The woman is like a candy factory on fire. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful…

    And what spunk! And spirit! How inspiring! THANK YOU for sharing this…I can already tell from the youtube roster I will be keeping busy for a while.

    Happy weekend 🙂