Life and Style Advice From a 100 Year Old Lady

At 100 years old Ruth knows the secret to living a long, beautiful life. She lifts weights, does her exercises and practices pilates at least once a week(an activity she started 8 years ago). When I came to visit Ruth in her lovely apartment the first thing she told me was to excuse the mess, but she had been doing stretches on her mat before I arrived. I asked Ruth about her life and style secrets and the key to staying vital and youthful at an older age .Check out Ruth’s tips and for more of her wonderful life lessons check out the video above.
Ruth’s Life and Style Advice
1.”I make myself go out everyday, even if its only to walk around the block. The Key to staying young is to keep moving.”
2.”Invest in Quality pieces, they never go out of style.”
3.”Don’t look at the calendar just keep celebrating everyday.”
4.”I dress up everyday and I don’t wear blue jeans.”
5.Take care of your skin. Make sure and moisturize, inspired by Elizabeth Arden, “If you want to look like this when you are 40 start when you are 20.”

  • Nan

    Such a lovely lady I enjoy listening to her. I'm turning 70 in 13 days and I like her comment about stop looking at the calendar and do the work outs, most important of all to keep in shape.

  • So inspiring. I love:."I dress up everyday and I don't wear blue jeans."

  • she is stunning and I love her advice…this is an excellent blog!!! 🙂

  • What an inspiration. It's only recently I've started to excercise everyday & listening to Ruth motivates me to carry on! Thanks for the post.

  • I definitely have to take a page from her book. What a lovely lady!

  • Wonderful. So charming and wise.

  • This is a true beauty. A rarity today. A lady that ages with style and dignity. so much to learn from her

  • Such an inspiring post from an inspiring lady! Debbie

  • Thoroughly enjoyed!

  • She is a beautiful lady! Love her and love her advice (well, except for the bit about not wearing blue jeans).

    The Styleseer

  • Anne

    Thank you for the lovely post. Beautiful earrings!

    I bought some cute earrings on

  • Amazing! She looks great @ 99!! Love her earings! Now following

  • She does look GREAT! Great interview.. no blue jeans is gotta be hard though 🙂

  • i'm really not the commenting type of person, but this time i have to say: ruth is great! her strengh and power are admirable!

  • She's incredible she is! Definitely taking up pilates if it'll help me look anywhere as good as her at that age!

  • coolest blog ever!

  • What an amazing, wise, and beautiful woman! Most inspiring. I will take her advice to heart. I thank her for sharing her thoughts with us.

    Gentle hugs!

  • All her wisdom show in her beautiful face. Love her, admiring her!

  • Just lovely! Excellent advice! I hope to look HALF that good when I'm her age (hell, I don't look half that good now! LOL. and it's nobody's fault but mine. Time to 'roll out that mat!!!"


  • Merhaba;bayanlara bayıldım.Öptüm…

  • So cute. I want to be like that.

  • She is lovely!

  • I'll make sure to remember:
    "Don't look at the calendar just keep celebrating everyday."

  • Anonymous

    Truly an elegant lady! many thanks for giving us her sage advice! BTW, where can we find her necklace — it's stunning.

  • What a great example: "Ruth, get up and GO!!". Love her.

  • Truly an elegant lady! many thanks for giving us her sage advice! BTW, where can we find her necklace — it's stunning.

  • What a classy lady! Wish I was as motivated. I need to get that way now, not later. I love the bit about quality pieces never going out of style. I agree.

  • Anonymous

    wow 100 very classy .is she seeinga nyone


  • What an absolute treat to come in and read the secrets of these fabulous women. I check in when I need inspiration. I feel like saying "I'm only 73". Thank you, Justin.


  • maven

    She has such beautiful posture and such a sweet spirit.

    That settles it! I'm starting pilates tomorrow!

  • Emanuela

    thanks a lot for this blog so special!!!!

  • Lynell R. Richards

    That is really love! Thanks for the advices in life! Staying healthy is really important!