Style Never Goes Out of Fashion

One reason that the Advanced Style set is so fashionable is because they have realized that style never goes out of fashion. Ladies like 87 year old Helen above, tell me that style is really about knowing what looks good on your body. When I asked Helen if she had a style philosophy she answered,” No I have a Mirror. When I look in the mirror and I like something, I say why not you only have one life to live.”

  • Love this lady. She looks great and she just makes you feel good about everything.

    This blog is so life-and-joy-affirming! Thanks

  • Anonymous

    She is right-on – look in the mirror. I personally think everyone should be issue a full length mirror at birth.

  • Hi Ari. She's right about "it comes back, it repeats itself." Clothes always do. What a beautiful lady who looks so full of life and seems so happy. You really know how to find them. Thanks for sharing. I did a post the other day about your blog and how enjoyable it is. Gave out your link so that other's could come and enjoy too. Take care and thanks.

  • She is so elegant. I love monochromatic colors. And she has such an interesting face.

  • How much wisdom combined with elegance! I love your blog, Ari, he takes advantage of the appreciation of beauty at any age, congratulations!

  • What a beautiful and elegant woman! Thanks, Ari, for introducing us to these marvellous people.

  • M

    After discovering your blog i started to look for stylish elders in my town. They can be really inspiring.

  • Nan

    She is just so beautiful and just right on with her fashion sense.

  • Merhaba; Süperrrrr..bayılıyorum…sevgilerrrrr…

  • Anonymous

    Voilà une bonne idée : pour être à l'aise mettre des chaussures du 41 alors que l'on fait du 38…
    Elles sont toutes adorables.
    Je les embrasse.