Summer in Scandinavia

I have been having the best time in Scandinavia shooting Advanced Style and enjoying the sights. I arrived in Copenhagen this morning and I’ll be here until Wednesday morning looking for great style. The lady above, like so many of the women I talk to, is wearing an outfit that she has had for many years.She had it made by her favorite dress maker and it still looks good after all these years.
Ulla told me what her 90 year old dress maker shared with her a few years back,”There are two kinds of women, ones with imagination and ones with no imagination. The ones with no imagination can’t imagine how clothes will look before they are made and so they should buy from the racks, but those with imagination who can see what they will look like should have things made.” Ulla told me that she knows its difficult and expensive to have clothes custom made today, but she said we can still wear our clothes with imagination.
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  • Ulla looks fabulous! If this is what dressing with imagination looks like, then I certainly want to be one of the ladies that dresses with imagination! I love her red coat and stylish sunglasses!

  • What a beautifully elegant woman, I love her bag!

    Not only would it be expensive labor-wise to have custom clothes, but it can be difficult to find someone that can actually do a quality level or work and also to source the fabrics.

  • Obviously, she is in the imagination camp! I think off-the-rack clothing can involve imagination too.

  • I can tell that Ulla is an interesting lady! I admire her view on having clothes tailor made.
    And her handbag is awesome.

  • Ulla's look and her dress maker's wisdom totally made my day! I will remember them both. Love following your blog, Ari! Keep it up.

  • Nan

    She is lovely and so confidant. Lucky you to be there in such a pretty place filming all the advanced ladies.

  • Love Copenhagen – and love all your Scandinavian models, they're beautiful!

  • Love the colour of the red coat especially against her stunning silver hair. A good dressmaker is worth their weight in gold. You can always go somewhere in between custom made and off the rail by having your clothes altered to fit. It can make all the difference. Also useful for revitalising garments you have had for years.

  • Great photo of a great lady.. love the red dots on her blue dress. It is true that one can tell so much from attitude

  • I love the sentiment of Ulla's comments. As a lifelong sewer I can really understand the benefits of having her clothes made for her – perfect fit, better fabrics, attention to detail, they last forever etc. You can't ever replicate that in off the peg clothes, although that is not to say that buying RTW means being less creatively dressed. I suspect that getting your clothes made would be prohibitively expensive nowadays unfortunately.

    Love your blog by the way. I only found it recently but glad I came across it.

  • Thank you for sharing this little visit with Ulla. She reminds me of my grandmother, my farmor, who grew up in Sweden and Finland. She was one of the most naturally elegant women I've known and she was a fantastic seamstress (as well as weaver). She made her own clothes with remarkable taste and style. I was very lucky to learn so much from her and to enjoy the beautiful clothes she created for me.