Unbelievably 80

Would you believe it, if I told you that the gorgeous woman above is 80 years old? I met her on the upper west side and after taking her photo, she invited my friends and I for a glass of wine. I hope to meet with her again and share her secrets with all of you. I will be in Scandinavia for the next few weeks, where I will be presenting my photos at the Hel Looks Weekend and traveling to Stockholm and Copenhagen. I hope to find some great Scandinavian Style!
    Enjoy Scandinavia. I hope to visit it one day, not to far.

  • stunning

  • ah…she's gorgous!!!

    And welcome to Scandinavia 😀 I've never been in Stockholm, but I'm pretty sure you will find some great style there.

    In Copenhagen I sure there will be great people to capture 🙂

  • just like a fine wine, better with age! wonderful!!

  • ..the lady really looks great… have fun in the North of Europe, its wonderful there..
    ciao ciao Christa from Switzerland..

  • How beautiful – I imagine she has always been a beautiful woman. Seldom do I see a head scarf looking so fantastic on a person. The bright color is amazing on her.

  • always enjoy your pos.ts, Ari. have fun on your trip

  • Another beautiful bird in beautiful clothes. I want to borrow her rings.

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  • No way she is 80+!!! She looks fantastic–not a day over 60!

  • She has beautiful eyes.

  • Love her jewellery!

  • i'd never have guessed she's 80+. she's wearing turquoise in such a fun way, almost as a neutral.
    have a lovely trip to Scandinavia!

  • Wow! That's what I want to look like!!! She is so beautiful!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she has such lovely skin

  • I want your job!!!

  • What a stunning woman! She is just gorgeous! Please Lord, let me look just like this when I'm 80! And take a look at her accessories–lovely!

  • I saw her lovely face…and immediately thought, I must apply more moisturizer. Happy traveling, Ari.

  • WOW, i love how this lady looks,beautiful skin,eyes,clothes and accesoires and so much good energie she is sending.
    Have a nice time in Stockholm.
    Looking forward to your posts about your trip.

  • Carol

    She doesn't have a wrinkle on her face! She is beautiful. Love love love the scarf.

  • She is wonderful… i love her earrings!

  • Wow! Really, she doesn't look 80 years old and still fashionable at that age, hah!

  • i'd never have guessed she's 80+. she's wearing turquoise in such a fun way, almost as a neutral.

  • love love love her style!!!

  • She looks INCREDIBLE, 60 if she's a day!! I love the purples in her outfit as well.x


  • she's amazing!wow

  • Beautiful lady. The white pants and red shoes with the rest of her outfit are unexpected and especially youthful looking. Love it!

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  • Wonderful post, as always. I'm a huge fan!
    Welcome to Scandinavia!
    I live in Oslo, but I very much recommend Copenhagen and Stockholm. Beautiful cities, stylish people. But quite different from eachother, though. Cph is all about bohemian cool and laid back personal style, while "Stockholmers" are sharp, clean cut, minimalistic trendy.
    However, the more grown ups got their own great personal style anyways.
    So, while you're you're going up north, I'll be heading down south to spend the summer in Florida, it works really well with my blue hair!
    Have a great trip 😀

  • sandy

    OMG…she is gorgeous. I love the ethnic look. Carefree, Comfy and Chic. Love it. Love it.

  • This woman is incredible looking for 80. He flair ain't bad either! — barbara

  • She is gorgeous. Comfortable elegance – great bones! Great style.

    Have a wonderful time, Ari!


  • She looks amazing! I hope I have that much panache at her age.

    I was wondering if you would consider adding twitter or facebook share buttons to your site as I would love to share your posts with my friends. Thank you!


  • wow she looks awesome xxx

  • Welcome to Scandinavia!At the moment it´s sunny and flowery and even more lovely then usual, you´ve chosen the best of times to come here.

    I really hope you finde some stunning styles and fascinating people and that you will enjoy your stay.

    glittery kisses/malin

  • She has beautiful eyes!
    Follw you!!
    Pri Barão

  • Beautiful woman. Her color combos brightened my day!




  • She is definitely a stunning woman. Hip hip hooray!!

  • Lex

    Her jewelry is off the hook! Killer! Those earrings make me envious.


  • She looks amazing!!!

  • Unbelievable!! WOW! Those earrings, that color.

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